About Us

Blue Mountains Steiner School is an independent not for profit K-6 school and includes WattleGlow PreSchool, and Little Sprouts Playgroup on the same site.

Each part of our school is independent, but through working together we provide a combined impulse to provide an authentic and comprehensive Steiner education for children, aged from 0 to 12 years, in the Blue Mountains

We are a member school of Steiner Education Australia and teach according to the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework, which has gained recognition as an alternate curriculum framework to the Australian Curriculum. We are registered with BOSTES and meet and exceed the standards required by all NSW and Federal educational regulatory bodies.


Our school was founded in 1983 when a group of parents, teachers and professionals met to talk about the possibility of creating the first Steiner School in the Blue Mountains. All were deeply committed to Steiner education, and wanted to build a school from the ground up, that would be surrounded by the Blue Mountains wilderness and uphold the values of Steiner Education.

The group quickly settled into a core team with diverse backgrounds including teaching, project management, social work and legal.

Throughout the foundation year the core group of six families met regularly and began to search for the right property eventually finding our current site at 83 Clearview Parade. They decided to fund the purchase of the property together by acting as co-guarantors and the first class began in 1983 with seven children.


Blue Mountains Steiner School endeavours to provide a balanced and purposeful educational environment that inspires a love of life-long learning.


At BMSS we promote understanding, tolerance and inclusion and demonstrate the utmost respect for cultural diversity.

At Blue Mountains Steiner School we educate our students to demonstrate care, compassion, responsibility and respect for self and others, and to work with integrity and honesty to contribute to an enabling culture where individuals strive for excellence. We value the spiritual nature of the human being and aim to create a sustainable, peaceful and equitable environment for all within our school learning community.

Through our contemporary delivery of the Australian Steiner Curriculum we value creative thinking, relational learning, inclusivity, and collaboration. (Click here for our Values)


At BMSS we educate the whole child according to the principles of Rudolf Steiner education.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to receive our students in warmth, understand and respect them and prepare them for their future. We strive to assist them to develop skills necessary for a harmonious social life so their social relationships may flourish. We aspire to provide a learning experience that is informed, sequential, appropriate, whole and inspiring. In order to achieve this our approach is to work creatively to provide a balance between thinking, feeling and willing. We believe that the life long learning of all members of the school is to be fostered. We recognize the importance of all staff member’s ongoing professional development.

We recognize and welcome parents as an integral part of the school community and aim to provide opportunities for them to learn and share their gifts. We strive for a working environment that is healthy, sustainable and educational, where the school’s Steiner ethos and curriculum is upheld and respected.

We recognize the importance of a good working relationship with relevant Government bodies. We aim to ensure that our students are provided with best teaching practice and high educational standards to meet or exceed the Board of Studies requirements.

The school’s executive team, comprising of the Principal and the School Council, aim to work co-operatively to ensure that the school is a well managed educational organization where leadership is highly respected and serves the school pedagogically, financially and spiritually.



Maia Giordano – ChairDance Johnston – Treasurer
Martin Buckmaster – Principal
Francine O’Dea – TeacherRenee Boucher – Secretary & Committee member
Lindsey Pacchini – Committee member

Blue Mountains Steiner School quality improvement plan includes;

  • Leadership & Governance
  • Community Building
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Professional Learning