“To receive the child in gratitude from the world they come from; to educate the child with love; and to lead the child into the true freedom which belongs to man.”

– Rudolf Steiner.

Our educators are dedicated to creating a genuine love of learning, and to respect each developmental stage of childhood when shaping lessons, planning activities, or creating the classroom climate and environment.

By teaching thematically and creatively, the academic subjects are enriched and enlivened in a way that meets the developmental stages of the children, offering both sensory and intellectual nourishment. Steiner teachers develop strong relationships with children and parents, and focus on developing positive emotional and social wellbeing within the child and class community. There is a strong emphasis on relational learning and close cooperation amongst the teachers in the provision of care to individual children.

All of our Primary School Educators are accredited with the NSW Institute of Teachers or are participating in the pre-2004 teacher accreditation scheme, and adhere to the Australian Professional Standards, as well as having specialised training from recognised Steiner teacher training seminars.


“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction in their lives.”

– Rudolf Steiner


Francine - Kindy teaching staff

Francine O’Dea

Francine has been teaching at BMSS for 15 years and has taught our kindergarten children for 12 of those years. Previously she was the craft teacher at BMSS. Francine is passionate about Steiner education and has enjoyed seeing her own daughters’ progress through our school and transition successfully into high school and university with wonderful memories of their childhoods. Along with her dedication to Steiner education and the young child, Francine enjoys being creative and walking her dog, River.

Class 1/2

Julie Humphreys

Julie joined BMSS in 2014. She is a passionate advocate for encouraging children to grow true inner self-confidence, as well as a sense of empathy and responsibility within the communities that we are a part of. Prior to working at BMSS, Julie had been teaching dancing and performance making in various community contexts including: dance therapy, adult and youth special needs, working with children with exposure to domestic violence and trauma. She was artistic director of community based Katoomba Dance Theatre for 9 years.

Class 3/4

Freya Baska

Class 5/6

Steph Cassin

Steph joined our teaching staff in 2009. She has journeyed with her own children through BMSS from Playgroup to Class 6, and was inspired to complete her Bachelor of Teaching and also a Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education. Currently Steph is undertaking a Masters of Education (Leadership) in order to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary education issues, and the improvement of learning outcomes and professional practice. Steph previously worked with as a registered nurse with adults and children. She is motivated to nurture each child’s abilities and interests through the Steiner curriculum.

Acting Principal

Martin Buckmaster – B.A(Syd), B.Ed. (Macq.)

I have worked in education and mental health for the last 15 years. Initially starting as a casual teacher at this beautiful school in 2007 and subsequently working in literacy support, welfare and out-door education. It is an absolute privilege for me to continue serving this wonderful school Community.

I am currently the School Chaplain and focus on working to assist children develop resilience through the development of effective communication skills, participating in circles, using restorative practices and the development of a positive self-concept through peer support programs and out-door education.

On Sabbatical Leave

Olga Nielsen

Olga has fourteen years experience as a Steiner class teacher and has completed two cycles (Classes 1-6) at BMSS. She is currently undertaking a Masters of Education (Leadership) focussing on curriculum development and student wellbeing. She is currently co-teaching Class 1/2 (Stage 1) and committed to delivering the foundations of literacy and numeracy in an artistic and inspiring way in the Steiner classroom. Olga is passionate about the benefits of the creative and academic education on offer at BMSS. In her spare time she is an artist. Previously Olga has worked as an Educator in early childhood settings, and in Special and Inclusive Education.


Karen Perry

Karen started working in the office in 2004 with her children already at the school. She joined our staff with many years of administration experience in varied industries and has now found her happy place!! Along with her admin duties, Karen can be found in the sick bay, doing the school marketing and behind the camera. She finds great joy watching the children grow over the years, especially when they come back to visit after they have left Class 6.

Outside of school, Karen enjoys photography, travelling the world and spending time with her family and friends … especially her new grandson!


If you are interested in working as a casual teacher, please send your resume and some information about yourself to: