During the first seven years children live very much in their imaginations, our kindergarten provides lots of imaginative play-based learning to stimulate their active minds.

Kindy Arts and Crafts

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We use the Kindergarten year to develop the 3 foldness of the child in a play centred, joyful and gentle way. Their curriculum takes an integrated approach which pulses with the heartbeat of routine, play, stories and a celebration of the life around them.

“The ability to play is one of the principal criteria of mental health’- Ashley Montagu. Through this curriculum of life’s living activity, we lay the foundations for their future. Our approach to literacy and numeracy is richer, fuller and tantalising for the child.

The children experience the richness of language through, songs, verses, stories and learning a foreign language. These children get the chance to listen, to dream into the spoken word. They are steeped in language throughout their day. Pre-literacy skills are developed through cultivating the child’s oral memory, opening up pathways in the brain through combining verse, movement and gesture. We use artistic endeavours to build imagination and rich and vivid picture images that will later translate into conceptual thinking. Hand work, such as craft, painting and modelling strengthen the hand and fingers and encourage co-ordination. So when the time comes to write and begin to read the written word the children feel confident, hungry and able.

It is a living learning taking place here, numeracy is also a living experience for the children. How many children are at school today? How many chairs or placemats or bowls do we need? Can someone count the children? Verses and finger plays involve daily practice. Bread baking is a wonderful time to play with the four processes in a practical way. We add, subtract and divide the dough for baking. We count in ‘2’s.’ We count steps when we bush walk – 28 steps coming up from the oval.

Human Society and it Environment (HSIE), Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE), Science and Technology and Creative Arts, completes the 6 KLA’s.

We often work with themes that take us on adventures into looking at maps and cultures around the world beyond us. Eg. student from South America – Chile.

Where am ‘I’ in the world? Take walks around the school to see that they are part of the school and where they will go on to. Assembly where they get to see the bigger children.

Our festivals and preparation for festivals is an excellent way for the children to feel connected with their environment, their sense of belonging. We usually share these events with family and friends and this enables the child to feel complete, secure and loved. All the ingredients needed to grow into a worthy, healthy person.

Kindergarten - play based learning in a  nurturing environment

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