1st child$1520$40$1560

Classes 1–6

1st child$2337$40$2377
2nd child$1678$40$1718
3rd child$1118.50$40$1158.50

These fees include local incursions and excursions up to the cost of $20, most books and materials. Specific items like recorders and compasses may be charged separately. Fees are set at a rate that meets the cost of running the school.

All applications will be processed in order of receipt. Once enrolled students and their families are expected to support the school’s ethos and comply with the school rules to maintain the enrolment.

There is an enrolment application fee of $55 at the time of lodging an application. Depending on intended start date of enrolment, an interview will be arranged with the class teacher, parents, and the child. Interviews for places in Kindergarten are held in August/September for enrolments in the following year.

If the child’s enrolment application is successful, the parents/caregivers will be notified in writing and at that point, the parents/caregivers are required to pay the non-refundable enrolment fee of $400 (this fee is per family who have children concurrently enrolled). These fees are used to provide income for capital works at the school.

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  • $180 per term for 1st child (9 week term)
  • Additional $5 per sibling over 12 months of age.

Fee Policy

  • Fees per term are payable in advance from the first week of term and must be paid or a Fee Payment by Instalment must be put in place and commenced within 21 days unless prior arrangement has been made, in writing, with the Senior Clerical Officer (SCO).
  • Fee Payment by Instalment forms can be obtained from the Office Administrator. Families making payments by instalment must have paid all fees due in the term by the end of the term they fall in.
  • Full term fees become due on the first day of the term and are payable in full even if a pupil does not remain at the School for the entire term. However, fees for a new pupil, starting at the School after the term commenced will be charged only for the term weeks s/he attends.
  • Full fees are payable for any pupil who is absent from the School for all or part of the term, unless other approved arrangements have been made with the SCO.
  • Families with fees outstanding after 21 days (not including families with prior arrangements) will be sent a notice requesting immediate payment. A copy of this request will be sent to the Finance Committee.
  • If no communication is received from families within 7 days of the notice requesting immediate payment, they will be called to a meeting with a member of the Finance Committee. This meeting must take place within 14 days and a reasonable programme of payment must be agreed upon and signed by the parent(s)/ guardian(s) or the matter will be referred to a debt collection agency or the School’s solicitor for further action.
  • The SCO will advise the Finance Committee at the end of each term of any accounts which are in arrears.
  • Fees not paid in full by the end of the term in which they become due will be referred to a debt collection agency or the School’s solicitor for further action.
  • The School reserves the right to not allow a child back to School in the next term if the fee account is in arrears from the previous term.

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We hold Seasonal Festivals every year, including Autumn Harvest Fair and Spring Fair. Keep an eye on socials, school app or email for details.

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