Our Teaching Philosophy

The Steiner teaching philosophy provides a balanced approach to
academic, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative learning.

The essence of the Steiner approach is the principle that education is an art. Whatever the subject, its presentation must live – it must speak to the child’s experience. Each child is valued as a complete individual – not exclusively for academic skill. A caring, rather than competitive relationship is encourages between students. Steiner schools develop the students capacity to learn, to be open to life and to develop a sense of meaning and purpose. A non-competitive environment allows children the time learn and develop at the pace they need and protects them from the pressure to enter the adult world too quickly. Being part of a class community that journey together through the school awakens individual capacities and social awareness. So not only is the individual’s development fostered, but students are also encouraged to develop a genuine regard and respect for humanity and service to others.

Morning Circle

Morning Circle from CloudHerd Film Co. on Vimeo.


“Joy and happiness in living, love for all existence, a power and energy for work, such are among the lifelong results of a right cultivation of the feeling for beauty and art.” – Rudolf Steiner

Steiner education is a creative education, delivering academic, artistic, imaginative and practical activities.

Strong emphasis is placed on teaching through the arts; painting, speech, singing and choral work, poetry recitation, music, drama, dance and movement, and sculpture are embedded within the curriculum.

Developing imaginative capacities enables students to engage with academic material and form the foundation for future creativity, problem solving and innovation. Timing of curriculum content and lessons is matched to child developmental and emotional needs. Teaching all subjects through an arts based curriculum develops the capacity to appreciate beauty in the world.

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