5-6 years • 9am-3pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am-1pm Friday • 

During school term • Boronia Room

The kindergarten year is characterised by children learning through imitation and their own creative experiences. Imagination and a sense of wonder are developed through stories, songs, creative play, and interactions with nature in our bush kindergarten.

Our Kindergarten environment is a warm, and nurturing place. It is filled with natural play materials and inviting outdoors spaces. Our kindergarten children learn through play and structured activities to cook, paint, garden, sew, share and problem solve.

Children explore their environment together, learning important cooperation skills and are supported by our educators to develop increased social and emotional wellbeing and positive self-esteem. In the kindergarten year foundation prenumeracy and pre-literacy skills are grounded through rich oral and practical learning experiences.

The children experience the richness of language through, songs, verses, stories, sign language and an introduction to the Japanese language. Pre-literacy skills are developed through cultivating the child’s oral memory, opening up pathways in the brain through combining verse, movement and gesture. We use artistic endeavours to build imagination and rich and vivid picture images that will later translate into conceptual thinking. It is the foundation for a deep understanding of literacy.

Numeracy is a living experience for the children. How many children are at school today? How many chairs or placemats or bowls do we need? Bread baking is a wonderful time to play with the four mathematical processes in a practical way (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Hand work, such as craft, painting and modelling strengthen the hand and fingers and encourage coordination. When the time then comes to write and begin to read the written word the children feel confident, hungry and able.

Kindergarten Teacher Francine
Francine O’Dea
Kindergarten teacher and Steiner Pedagogy leader
Cost $1520 per term.
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