Blue Mountains Steiner Early Learning Programs provide a nurturing and holistic foundation for children from 0-5 years of age. Our programs foster the development of the whole child, whilst nurturing children’s minds and senses through our natural, creative and engaging environment:

Our environment is filled with rich experiences that focus on imaginative, creative and organically driven play. Our learning environments are a unique combination of balanced open-ended child-led play experiences and intentional teaching experiences that are thoughtful and deliberate to meet the individual needs of all children. Children’s development is enriched through imaginative and creative play, bush exploration, artistic activities, crafts, verses and songs, puppetry and fairy tales.

Our days are filled with outdoor nature play, circle time, meal times, indoor play, craft, rest, storytelling, music and movement. The week has its own individual rhythms and seasonal activities such as gathering autumn leaves and planting seeds to deepen the child’s awareness and understanding of the natural world around them and the cycle of the seasons.

In the natural, rhythmical and creative environment of our Early Learning programs, children are given the freedom, confidence, independence and security to prepare for the next phase of their school life.