Little Sprouts Playgroup

During the early childhood years (0-3) at Little Sprouts Playgroup, we aim to bring to the young child a play-based, living education by establishing three essential pathways

Firstly we enable the child to actively learn through imitation. The child‘s imagination and sense of wonder is developed, through stories, songs, creative play, and interaction with the natural environment. Our playgroup, preschool and kindergarten are warm and nurturing environments with natural play materials and outdoor spaces with gardens to play in and care take. The young child learns through play based and creative activities to bake, paint, sew, collaborate, share and problem solve. Social and emotional learning is a key feature of every activity. The foundations of literacy and numeracy skills are developed in the early years through oral and practical learning experiences.

Secondly, we impart a gentle cycle to every day, week and month, celebrating the seasons and following a healthy rhythm from morning to afternoon. Thirdly, we develop stories and creative experiences for the child, which reflect the goodness in the world to develop future capacities for positive thinking and emotional wellbeing.


Little Sprouts Playgroup is a learning community in which children, aged 0 to 3 years old, and parents, can play and participate in a warm and nurturing environment.

“Introduce the young child to earthly life through rhythm, beauty and love”
Rudolf Steiner

‘Little Sprouts’ Steiner Playgroup provides a time for parents to have social contact with other adults with young children, and to sample the Steiner approach to education and parenting in general.

Children and parents can play and participate in a warm and nurturing home-like environment. The children learn stories, songs, dances and games, share fruit together, play outside in our early childhood playground and enjoy a story or puppet play.

The day begins with inside play where the children are free to interact with each other and play with natural materials that aid the young child’s sense of touch and sensory integration as well as the development of imagination. Meanwhile, parents help with the preparation for the day, adding to the community atmosphere.

The rhythm of the morning includes bread making, where children shape and bake their own bread rolls while they sing some special baking songs. Later, they eat them together. The dependable rhythm helps settle babies and older children alike.

Rhythm plays a very important role in Steiner early childhood education. Rhythm helps the child feel secure and in harmony with the group.

Many of the songs and games can be used at home as parents endeavour to establish rhythm and routine in the home environment. From here, the natural step for these young children is into Wattle Glow Steiner Preschool, kindergarten and the primary school.

Playgroup runs Monday and Friday.

For enquiries about Little Sprouts Playgroup, please contact Susanne on 0458 454 641

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