Wattle Glow Preschool

During the early childhood years (3-7) at Wattle Glow preschool, we aim to bring to the young child a play-based, living education by establishing three essential pathways.

Firstly we enable the child to actively learn through imitation. The child‘s imagination and sense of wonder is developed, through stories, songs, creative play, and interaction with the natural environment. Our playgroup, preschool and kindergarten are warm and nurturing environments with natural play materials and outdoor spaces with gardens to play in and care take. The young child learns through play based and creative activities to bake, paint, sew, collaborate, share and problem solve. Social and emotional learning is a key feature of every activity. The foundations of literacy and numeracy skills are developed in the early years through oral and practical learning experiences.

Secondly, we impart a gentle cycle to every day, week and month, celebrating the seasons and following a healthy rhythm from morning to afternoon. Thirdly, we develop stories and creative experiences for the child, which reflect the goodness in the world to develop future capacities for positive thinking and emotional wellbeing.


A home away from home for 3 & 4 year olds

Wattle Glow Preschool provides a bridge between home and school. It offers young children a gentle and caring introduction to early years learning.

The program is play-based working in harmony with the National Early Learning Years Framework which states, ‘the curriculum of the young child is play‘. Experiences are offered to the child that foster: creativity; a love of learning; a sense of wonder; care of the environment; care of ourselves and each other.

This home-like environment allows the young child to unfold in a safe, relaxed and warm environment that nourishes the inner and outer senses.

Experienced teachers provide guidance and help nurture the child in an atmosphere of care, compassion and kindness.

The rhythm of the preschool day is thoughtfully created to allow a healthy flow from free play to group activities and structured learning experiences. This rhythmic structure provides a calming ebb and flow to the child’s day and helps to foster consistency and security.

Steiner early childhood activities include; free play with natural materials, emergent learning experiences & assisted projects, circle games & movement, singing & music, cooking, gardening, care of animals, stories, art & crafts.

Wattle Glow Preschool is licensed with Community Services and registered with Steiner Education Australia. Additionally, the preschool is a registered Child Care Benefit provider, allowing eligible families to claim fee relief.

Children may attend preschool from their 3rd birthday. The pre-school currently operates Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as a 2 or 4 day program from 9am – 3pm (during school terms).

Kids enjoying preschool

Water play

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