What is Eurythmy?

Children holding hands in morning circle

Eurythmy is a disciplined art of movement of the arms and body that visibly expresses the vowels and consonants of speech and the tones and intervals of musical melody.

In the classroom, eurythmic movements have a therapeutic function in which the child’s development is supported and enhanced through its various stages.

Beginning with imaginative stories for the young ones that lays the foundation of straight lines and curves, and then right through to transitioning geometric forms which support spatial awareness and clear thinking.

We are blessed to host Adam Chan as our Eurythmy teacher. Adam has been teaching Eurythmy for 21 years in schools in Australia, Asia and Canada. In Adam’s words:

“I love teaching Eurythmy to children and adults and am enthusiastic to begin teaching at the Blue Mountains Steiner School in Term 1 2022. My other passions are car touring, running, mountain biking and good food. I look forward to being part of your community.”

– Adam Chan

Eurythmy is best enjoyed wearing comfortable loose clothing and barefeet, or eurythmy shoes.