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How do we record COVID related absences?

If a student is absent from school due to testing positive for COVID or being subject to isolation
requirements their absence from school may be recorded in one of the following ways:

  • if the student is unwell, the absence should be recorded as sick leave using the ‘S’ code.
  • if the student is well enough/able to engage in learning from home, the absence may be recorded as flexible learning using the ‘F’ code.
  • if the student is not unwell and is not engaging in learning from home, the school may record the absence as approved leave using the ‘L’ code.
How do we respond to parents who do not wish for their child to attend school due to concerns
around transmission?

Under the Education Act students are required to attend school unless they have a valid reason
not to do so. There is no provision available for an exemption from attendance to be granted for
COVID-related absences. Schools should follow their usual processes to manage unsatisfactory