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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Welcome everyone to a new school year! 

We had a very beautiful Crossing Over Ceremony for the children going from Kindergarten to Class 1 on Wednesday morning. It was an emotional and exciting time for everyone as the adults accompanied the children down to their new classroom below the ball court. The children moved with confidence and enthusiasm, towards their new teachers Soumya and Amy and did not really stop to look back. We were all so very proud of them. 

Thank you to Stephanie Smith and parents from the Class 2 community who hosted the Welcome Morning Tea for the new Class 1 families. It was hard to say goodbye. 

However, all the new Kindergarten families and children were waiting for me to welcome them into the Kindergarten at 10am. This transition was also very moving, as both the parents and children were extremely brave and courageous, and the separation process was so smooth and relaxed. 

We had such a wonderful first day together that the wet weather did not dampen our enthusiasm or joy for this special occasion.  

Thursday was our opportunity to get started on learning to blanket stitch. Creating a fish mobile will be the first craft project for the year. 

Please reserve a space in your diary for our Parent/Teacher night – Tuesday 20th February at 7pm. Unlike the Primary school teachers who are meeting early in the term, Kindergarten families will meet in Week 4, as this will give you and the children more time to settle into the routine of regular school. This evening event is for adults only and I allow 1 hour for discussion and sharing. Time beyond this hour is set aside for chatting, so parents who need to head home by 8pm can. 

I am so excited to welcome everyone to our beautiful Kindergarten and look forward a fun and adventurous year together. 


Francine O’Dea 

Class 1/2

A warm welcome back to school to all our Class 1/2 families! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing summer with lots of quality family time. 

It was so joyous to welcome all the children into our new classroom space, and they have been very excited to explore it. The Class 1 children all settled in beautifully on the first day of school – they showed such resilience saying goodbye to their parents and being away from them for the day. The Morning Circle is all new to them, and the Class 2s have been doing really well helping with the words and being role models. 

We have started our first Main Lesson, Form Drawing, which brings inherent “form” to the lessons, creating a foundation upon which to build. They will observe, walk, make, and draw various forms which are also relayed through story. 

Term 1 date reminders: 

  • 6 February 5-6pm: Class 1/2 Meet the Teacher Information Evening 
  • Week 6 (4-8 March): School photos; exact day TBC 
  • 15 March: Class 1/2 excursion Teddy Bear’s Picnic  
  • 9 April: St Michael’s Festival 

Please remember to send your child in with a raincoat every day, as the weather can be very unpredictable at the moment. 

If you need to reach out for any reason during the year, you can email us directly: 

Amy – 

Soumya – 

Soumya and Amy 

Class 3/4

Welcome to a new year! It has been so lovely reuniting this group (they were together in Class 1/2). Everyone is settling in well. Our classroom has had a beautiful freshen up and it feels like a great start to the 2024 school year. 

Our first Main Lesson is Creation Stories. We are painting every day and learning (Class 3) and revising (Class 4) cursive writing. 

Our Meet the Teacher night is on next Tuesday, 6 February at 6pm. Please come along whether you are a Class 3 or 4 parent so we, as a group, can all be on the same page and welcome new families to the school. 

Please check the School Calendar (on the website) for important dates. This is a way of helping your child to feel included. 

Julie and Meredith 

Class 5/6

Class 5/6 got off to a dynamic start, demonstrating their explosive creativity in the creation of their own “About Me” posters, which helped them get to know each other and express their personal passions, interests, and identity.  

We have also been enjoying getting to know the continents and countries of the world – scratching off one country a day on our world map! 

We learned the very important lesson that we all have strengths and weaknesses and its okay to make mistakes and not know how to do things because that is how we learn.  

We also learned how to create a “culture of kindness” in the classroom where everyone is valued and included, and we use our words to build each other up and not tear each other down.  

This week we have been fully emersed into the wonderful world of storytelling where we investigated all the different kinds of stories all around us in songs, poetry, art, media, and books. We laughed together at some funny extracts from books and poems and were moved together by the recount of a true story. We learned about the different elements of story, the structure of a compelling narrative and what makes us want to keep reading to find out more! 

Elizabeth and Lee