Class News: Week 1, Term 1

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Wednesday started with a beautiful transition ceremony of last year’s Kindy children, who were moving up to Class 1. They were all so very brave and ready for this new journey in their learning. 

At around 10am the new Kindy children arrived and they too, were extremely brave and courageous, separating from their parents and moving into the Kindergarten space. 

Since then, the children have been settling in, playing with water in the sand pit, exploring the playground and enjoying new friends. 

The children have listened to a lovely sea story about a fish who is looking to find a new home of their very own. They also learned how to shape and mould beeswax. On Thursday, the children started their Morning Circle work, jumping over imaginary waves and working together in a circle, as well as trying out their new sewing skills, blanket stitching on their first craft project. 

Friday in the Kindergarten is a more relaxed day, with bush play and the option of leaving school at 1pm or remaining at school until 3pm.  

I take my relief from face-to-face time at 12noon stepping back from working with the group, while another teacher takes the children through the afternoon program. 

I am really looking forward to working with this lovely new group of children. I wish everyone a relaxing and peaceful weekend. 

See everyone again, ready to go on Monday. 



Class 1/2

Welcome to a new year of learning, adventures and growing! The first school week is always exciting and nerve-racking. 

The Class 2 children welcomed the Class 1 children beautifully and all Class 1 children did so well on Wednesday! We carried their burning candles inside the classroom and I talked about how they and Francine had made a wish down at the Kindy room and how these wishes had travelled with them in their candle light all the way up to Class 1/2. When we snuffed out the candles, we watched the smoke rise and the wish being released. What a moment of wonder and reverence! 

Everyone started their first craft project – Class 1 is weaving recorder cases. Having to undo whole rows of already woven wool because the over/under weaving rhythm got mixed up is a test of their perseverance and resilience. Class 2 is sewing their very own pencil cases. Once completed they will be given pencils which everyone is very excited about. Some children have already finished their pencil case! 

We also started our first Main Lesson: Straight and Curved Lines. It is a short-form drawing Main lesson. Whilst the Class 2 children do more complex forms and write sentences about the stories, for Class 1 this form drawing block is all about laying the foundation for the work we will do as we move through the year, and beyond. The children walked the forms, drew them in the air, on their friends’ backs, in the sand and on the floor with their toes. They searched for where they could find these forms in the classroom or the bigger world. They then carefully drew the form on a main lesson page, developing the skills necessary for reading and writing: hand-eye coordination, up/down and left/right orientation in space, and the ability to mirror.  

It is great to be back and to see the children reconnecting with their friends, embracing new situations, looking after each other and forging new friendships.  

Have a great weekend,  

Isabelle and Amy 

Class 3/4

Welcome everyone! 

It has been a great start to the year for Class 3/4. We have been settling into our classroom and being with one another. The settling in seemed to take about 5 minutes! We have begun our first Main Lesson for the year which is creation stories of ‘First Nations Peoples of North America’. The first words from Henry Old Coyote have been about breathing the word into humans and the power of the word: ‘Words can build you up, but they can also tear you down’, so we take care with what we say and how we say it… This is a notion we can carry with us throughout our lives. 

We have a busy term ahead and I hope that you all received the note that your child brought home (hopefully on the first day). To reiterate, here are some significant dates to put in your calendar: 

  • Tuesday 21st February 6-7pm for 3/4 (Week 4). Meet the Teacher and the other parents. We will talk about this year, class content and the general development of this age group. Location: In the Class 3/4 room. 
  • Thursday 16th February (Week 3). Class 3/4 overnight camp to Yellomundee (45 min drive). More information will be sent out on Monday.  
  • Netball at school every Friday from Weeks 2-9. 
  • Monday 13th March (Week 7), full day. Swimming Fun Day at Springwood Pool  
  • 15, 16, 20th March. NAPLAN (for Class 3). 
  • Tuesday 21st March. Autumn St Michael Festival (early evening)  
  • Weeks 9 and 10. Parent-Teacher interviews. Bookings times will be given out closer to the time. 

*Class 3/4 will run a trial Smoothie stall next Friday (10th Feb). Smoothies will be $2 each. They will be dairy-, gluten- and sugar-free, but will still taste good! If it goes well, the class will run this fortnightly. 

 **Also, your child has been put into “bread dough making” groups. Each week, three children will need to be at school by 8:45am to prepare the bread dough for the class. I will let you know when it’s your child’s turn. 

 *** Home Readers will be sent out on Monday. 

 Any questions or concerns that you have please email me:  

Looking forward to a great year! 

Julie and Meredith 

Class 5/6

Class 5/6 is so joyful to be together with old friends and new, and we have made a flying start to the year! We have been celebrating Chinese New Year by hearing the story of the Jade Emperor and his animal race, which chose the 12 animals of the zodiac. We discovered which animals we are according to our birth year – Class 6 are the stars in this Year of the Rabbit!  

We also have water dragons, a tiger and a snake and have been writing stories about what happened after the contest – there is plenty of imagination in this class!  

We will start our Ancient China Main Lesson next week with its focus on geography, literacy and history, and our subsequent units are the Word Spy Grammar Main Lesson and then Ancient Egypt. Maths Practice will run daily throughout the term. 

This week we have also been setting our personal learning goals, doing some mindfulness each day, and in our Maths Practice lessons have begun reviewing patterning through Sudoku, and working with the analogue clock. It would really help to have regular practice by reading an analogue wrist watch if you could please get hold of one for your child.  

We have also created some beautiful form drawing, sketched a monarch butterfly and begun hearing the novel by Jessica Watson about sailing her amazing solo world circumnavigation – inspiring stuff for our budding adventurers! Matilde and Tully made an excellent contribution in leading our assemblies this week as our new Class 6 takes on their leadership roles. 

Netball with Coach Melissa starts next Friday to run through the term, and a 4-week Eurythmy block with Adam Chan will start on Thursdays from 9th March. 

Below are some dates for your diary please: 

Tuesday 21st February Parent/Teacher Information Evening 7-8pm in the Class 5/6 room. 

Monday/Tuesday 27-28 February overnight Class 5/6 camp at Yarramundi 

Monday 13th March Swimming Fun Day 

Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th March Class 5 NAPLAN dates (more information to follow) 

Tuesday 21st March 5.30pm St Michael Play 

Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th March Parent/Teacher Interviews (information for booking with Karen will follow closer to the time). 

Have a great weekend! 

Steph and Lee