Class News: Week 1, Term 2 2023

Students learning in class

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

We had such a joyful first day back on Wednesday. I was so happy to see all the children again and they all looked so rested from their holidays. The children were delighted to see their friends again and couldn’t wait to play and share their stories with each other. 

I am looking forward to sharing another term together, seeing the children grow and take on new discoveries and developments in their abilities and emerging skills.  

Please note that the Winter Spiral and Lantern Walk will take place in Week 8, Friday 16th June at 5.30pm. All the Kindergarten children need to be picked up from school at 12 noon on this day so that the classroom can be transformed for the Winter Spiral.  

Welcome back everyone for Term 2. 

Francine, Freya, and Zenith 

Class 1/2

Welcome back to Term 2! We hope the children have had a restful break, it is great to see them back feeling rejuvenated and ready to see their friends. I am so happy and excited to have landed this term with the Class 1/2s and it has felt like such a natural transition! 

We also welcome two new children to the class – Leo (Class 1) and Niamh (Class 2). They have already settled in well!  

We have started our new Main Lesson “World Stories,” which will follow the journey of Aolani and Yuze as they discover stories from neighbouring countries. Morning Circle has been a fun change with beanbags, as well as some of the familiar verses and songs.  

Another reminder to please send their hats back into school asap. Also, if you can send in a reusable shopping bag next week for us to send home their work from Term 1. 

Warm wishes,  

Soumya and Amy 

Class 3/4

Welcome to Term 2! 

It’s lovely to see everyone looking so happy and healthy. It sounds like some fun holiday activities were had! 

Please send your child’s sun hat back into school (they were sent home to be washed). 

We have begun our Building Main Lesson, called ‘Let’s Build a Village.’ The lesson will look at buildings from around the world, materials used, and reasons for types of materials and designs used. There will be a focus on the possible impacts on an environment and how we can include animals, plants, and waterways as part of our plans when considering the construction of shelter. 

If there is anyone who can sew on a machine, the class need some items made – please let me know. 

Please check the calendar for various events happening this term. If you know what is going on, your children will feel more prepared. 

  • Gymnastics Weeks 2-5 
  • We will be visiting Kindlehill School to look at their buildings and materials in Week 3. 
  • Our Mother’s Day Stall is also in Week 3 
  • FUTSAL in Week 4 (indoor inter-school soccer)  
  • Incursion with Chris Tobin Week 5  
  • Autumn Harvest Fair Week 5 (Sat 27th May)  
  • Cross country…  
  • Winter’s Night Festival …. so much! 

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Have a lovely weekend. 

PS Don’t forget to return Readers… thank you! 

Julie and Meredith 

Class 5/6

Welcome back to our Class 5/6 community – Term 2 has lots on!  

We began our term with the first story for our Ancient Greece Main Lesson, Pandora’s Box, where not only did the ills and worries of the world fly out and taint paradise, but so too did the very important addition of a very special creature named ‘Hope.’ There are many more wonderful stories to come as we work on various literacy learning focus areas.  

Our other Main Lesson work for the term focuses on Geology, where we will visit Jenolan Caves and work on a mini-project around our birthstones, and also Geometry where Class 5 will enjoy receiving their compasses, and Class 6 can both extend on their skills beyond last year’s lessons and choreograph their long-anticipated Fire Sticks dance around the forms they will create. 

During our English Practice Main Lessons, we will explore a poetry unit and create submissions for the WriteOn NSW Government competition which the students are very excited about! This term also holds the Cross Country, fortnightly fundraising on Fridays toward our Term 4 Canberra Camp, and the mid-term Harvest Fair. 

On Wednesday we talked about ANZAC Day, and as we are finishing our Ancient Egypt Main Lesson, we are noting some activities of Australian forces in the area. We also had an engaging discussion about commemoration, what we noticed about ceremonies in the Blue Mountains, any family members who had served in war and their experiences and read from an excellent book loaned by Matilde’s family about the service of Australia’s First Nations peoples in defending Country and what ‘Australian’ means to them.  

Our Maths Practice Lessons this term will focus on fractions, decimals and percentages, and our daily work on completing individual goals for memorising multiplication table facts. Those students still needing to work on these now have a copy at home of their focus facts, and it would really help them to tick off at least a few facts each week to boost their mathematical confidence, especially as fractions work is much smoother with this knowledge on board. 

This term in their digital technology lessons students will be learning how to create a PowerPoint presentation as they continue to build their skills ahead of high school. If you could please remind your child to do so, it would be so beneficial for them if they could continue to practice their touch-typing skills at home. 

Class 5 are excited to begin sanding their cajon pieces this week and continue working on planning their design features with Prem. Class 6 will be applying layers of finish, sanding between each coat and very soon can begin working on creating amazing sounds together during their music lessons! 

Below are some dates for your diary: 

  • Friday 5th May Futsal Gala Day at Katoomba Aquatic Centre – students will need their own transport to and from the venue: please arrange for this or any carpooling etc (note home will follow shortly). 
  • Wednesday 17th May Jenolan Caves (long-day excursion). 
  • Friday 25th May Cultural Immersion Incursion with Chris Tobin. 

Steph and Lee