Class News: Week 1, Term 2 2024

Students learning in class

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

We have had such a joyful return from our holidays. I was so happy to see all the children again and they all looked so rested and refreshed. The children were delighted to see their friends again and couldn’t wait to play and share their stories with each other.

I am looking forward to sharing another term together, seeing the children grow and take on new discoveries and developments in their abilities and emerging skills.

Please note that our Winter Festival which is made up of a night time lantern walk and Winter Spiral, will take place in Week 9, Friday 28th June at 5.30pm. This Kindergarten festival is unique to the Kindergarten year and not one to be missed.

Please think about including a singlet in the under layers of your child’s clothing ready for the cold days ahead.

Welcome back everyone for Term 2.


Class 1/2

Welcome back to all our class 1/2 parents and carers! We hope you had a lovely holiday together with your child/ren.

In the first week back, the class have been getting used to our new rhythm. You will have received a printed note and timetable – please use it to prepare your child each evening for the following day, including which teachers will be on class.

We started our new Main Lesson, “Stories from around the World”. If you have any stories at home that relate to your cultural/language background, we’d love to share them with the class.


Soumya, Freya & Jess

Class 3/4

Class 3/4 have settled in beautifully to Term 2 and we are enjoying the cool Autumn days. Children are refreshed and rekindling friendships back at school after a lovely break.

We are continuing to work on our crochet project making a new drink bottle holder this term and offer huge thanks to our craft volunteers. If you would like to assist you are most welcome to join us Thursday afternoon 2.15-2.45 pm.

Congratulations to our Year 4 children who have gained their pen licence and are truly enjoying their beautiful new fountain pens.  As our Writing Main Lesson draws to a close, we farewell our friend Serif and look forward to exploring new concepts in the Living Things Main Lesson.

Kath & Meredith

Class 5/6

My name is Arya and I’m in year 6.

This week everyone has been really happy about getting back to school.

We have a new girl who has joined us, Aurah, and we are so excited to get to know her.

We have started our new main lesson on Ancient Greece, and are now doing our title pages, and they are looking really good. Around our title pages, we have done Greek boarders, that have been really fun.

Every day we do an obstacle course that involves running, climbing and using the monkey bar.