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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Last Tuesday the Kindergarten children had the privilege and joy of learning about “Diwali”, the Indian Festival of Light, from Rika. She told us the story of Rama and Sita and their great love for each other. Then, all the children made a diya, in which the candle of light is burnt, bringing love, warmth and prosperity to the home. 

We thank Rika for bringing this cultural experience to us.

On the weekend, Preschool staff, Maya and I, enjoyed an inspiring workshop with Sandra Frain, Biodynamic Educator and teacher from Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School Sydney. We learnt about tree care involving clay pasting, revitalising water through stirring and harvesting herbs and flowers from our school garden, to brew refreshing teas and creating salads. Maya and I are looking forward to sharing the wonders of our garden and bringing these new ideas to the children.

Warmest wishes,

Francine and Maya

Class 1/2

Class 1/2 dived right into their Swimming intensive last week!! It was wonderful to see their excitement and determination each day in the pool. We would like to thank families for ensuring the children had their swimming gear ready and lots of food to get them through our busy week.

Main Lesson has continued with “Marcel’s Magical Craft Market” taking the children on a mathematical adventure collecting crafts for the magical market, with the assistance of the Four Helpers, Farmer Plus, Molly Minus, Tatiana Times, and General Divide. The children have shown great positivity in their engagement to math learning.

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count replaced Morning Circle last week, as children sat quietly each morning to observe and count the number of birds they saw in a 20 minute period. This bird count was part of a program to help Bird Life Australia get a large scale understanding of the bird life in the different areas of Australia. Our favourite bird was the Eastern Spine Bill who frequents the honeysuckle bush outside our classroom.

Back to our regular rhythm for the week ahead!

Many thanks

Amy and Meredith

Class 3/4

It’s so nice to finally be back with my children! I missed them terribly when I was unwell.

Holly, Amy and Soumya did a great job at holding the class.

Last week we continued our Northern Legends main lesson with the story of Thorkill of Iceland. The children have been hearing parts of the story and taken notes in order to write a recount using correct paragraphing.

Swimming has been a lot of fun and it’s been such a joy to watch the children go so well. There has been a huge improvement in their abilities since we went in Term 1.

I have been reading the book “The Twits” by Roald Dahl to the class and whenever we have a spare minute I get asked to continue reading the story to them. It’s so nice to see the children enjoying the story as much as I do.

Have a lovely week,

Isabelle and Holly

Class 5/6

It has been a great week of swimming progress through our intensive at Springwood Pool, and also the building of skills in staying organised for the students to have their gear each day – well done! Also last week we have had our introductory debates with a fun theme (asking the big questions about Halloween!), revising the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, and teaching Gaga Ball to the rest of the school (which is proving very popular indeed – many thanks to Martin for organising and also Paul Glass for preparing and beautifying the grounds around it!). Our debate topics this week will include ‘That Digital Technology Is Good for Children’, and ‘That the House Would Ban Zoos’.

We have also begun our Class Play Main Lesson with the students reading through the script and deciding which roles suit their strengths. Your child will now have lines to learn or sets, costumes, advertising posters, music and special effects to plan – we have so much to do! Please be sure to attend our play on Thursday 10th November at 7pm. Could you please send in a white single bed size flat sheet within the next two weeks for your child’s toga for the play – many thanks!

Important dates for your diary:

3rd November Thursday: Visit to State Parliament (travel by train).

10th November (Thursday) 7pm: Class 5/6 Play

14-16th November: Class 5/6 Camp to Milson Island.

24th November (Friday): Class 5/6 Fun Day

2nd December (Friday): Class 6 Excursion to Raging Waters

10th December (Saturday): 5pm Class 6 Farewell (all Class 5 parents/ carers and students needed to help on the day and through the evening please!).

12th December (Monday) whole-school bushwalk/picnic.

14th December (Wednesday) Summer Assembly (and final day of term).

Have a great week!

Steph and Lee