Class News: Week 3, Term 2 2023

Students learning in class

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

The Kindy has been a hive of activity this week, as the children have been working with great industry and focus to bring home a little surprise for their mothers for Mother’s Day this Sunday. 

A big thank you to Katherine Turner, Freya, and Zenith for working with the children this week while I have been away due to illness. 

With the colder days upon us, it has been fitting for the children to hear the tale of the “Sweet Porridge Pot” at story time. Jasmine has been telling this puppet story to the group this week. 

Please come to our “Harvest Fair” on Saturday 27th May, 10am to 2pm. There will be lots of fun things to do and see. So, invite your family and friends and show them your school. 

Have a lovely Mother’s Day and enjoy being together. 

Francine, Freya, and Zenith 

Class 1/2

We felt the chilly weather set in this week! If you would like to send in simple slippers for your child to keep in the classroom, please do (optional). 

Class 1/2 are working hard to focus whilst we do beanbags in Morning Circle. Little by little, they improve their skills each day. It is a joy to see their delight when they are able to balance or control it better. 

Our Main Lesson characters, Aolani and Yuze have moved to China, Tibet, and India – as they continue to hear tales, folklore, and myths from these countries. 

Class 1 is finishing their introduction to letters and initial sounds and slowly moving onto sentence building. We have been working on letter formation and sounding out words together, as well as placing importance on slowing down our drawing and letter writing to let it sink in well. 

Class 2 have been wilfully focused on creating their own interesting sentences in Main Lesson this week. It has been a joy to see the children accepting these challenges with motivation and patience. We have also enjoyed sharing the story retelling in pairs first, and then reporting our partner’s retelling to the class. The students have shown great speaking and listening skills through this daily practice as we place value on the importance of showing others that we are interested in what they have to say and listening with all our senses.  

A reminder to please ensure your child arrives to school on time, before 9am each morning. This will help them settle into the class, especially with our Morning Circle being the first part of the day, which can be interrupted if children are arriving after the bell. 

We hope you all have a great weekend, celebrating Mother’s Day in whichever way you do! 

Warm wishes, 

Soumya and Amy 

Class 3/4

This week class 3/4, Martin, Meredith, and Julie visited Kindlehill (KH) school as part of our, ‘Let’s Build a Village’/ building Main Lesson.  
We were taken around the school in small groups, led by class 4/5 KH students. They explained how the school was built and the energy efficient building methods that have been used. We met peers from our mountain ‘village,’ played together, ate lunch together and sang songs. It was a great day! 

This was a great preparation for our class, as we re-render our mudbrick cubby and make it glorious again, with the help of Paul and Martin.  

Have a lovely weekend! 

May you have a very relaxing Mother’s Day! 

Julie and Meredith 

Class 5/6

Class 5/6 participated in Futsal Gala Day last week along with several other Blue Mountains schools at the Katoomba Aquatic Centre. They demonstrated sportsmanship, collaboration, personal endeavour and growth and we are just so proud of everyone! Special mention to the Class 5 girls for being Runners Up in the Final, and to several students who took turns joining them as the 5th player. Thank you also to Sayoko and Lee for all your help on the day, and to Mountain Majik Futsal and their referees.  

We have begun a review of Fractions in our Maths Practice Lesson with games and fun activities, and as the concepts become more complex, we will also work on decimals and, for Class 6, percentages. A good working recall of the multiplication facts makes this work so much easier, please keep working on rounding off this knowledge at home which, as previously discussed, echoes the work done in class on the same facts. 

The class has been working with the story of the Trojan Horse, and after a review of quotation marks have been crafting some stories on an imagined conversation between two characters of their choice. There are also some very impressive art works underway, which you will see at our upcoming Fair.  

Wishing all our Mums or the significant and special women in our lives a very special day on Sunday! 

Below are some dates for your diary: 

Term 2: 

Wednesday 17 May Jenolan Caves (long-day excursion). 

Friday 25 May Cultural Immersion Incursion with Chris Tobin 

Steph and Lee