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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

This week the children have enjoyed gardening with Annie, planting some sweet pea seeds in the garden and making a gorgeous rainbow trellis for the future plants to grow on. In response to this week’s story “The Autumn Blanket”, the children created their own seed babies with beeswax and seed pods and then put them to bed under a cosy blanket of soft combed fleece.  

The children’s drink bottle holders are underway at craft time. The children have been blanket-stitching and learning to do ‘dolphin’ stitch (running stitch) in a wave across the width of their felt. This project is encouraging the children to work from left to right and track a wavy line, quietly developing the important skills required for reading and writing.

Please come to the school’s “Harvest Fair” on Saturday 25th May, 10am to 2pm. There will be lots of fun things to do and see. So, invite your family and friends and show them our beautiful school.



Class 1/2

This week in Class 1/2 we continued with our Main Lesson of Stories from Around the World, including stories from Poland, Norway, and India.

We had a wonderful day on our Charles Darwin Bushwalk Excursion. The children loved exploring the different areas of the walk and having a picnic in nature. The children were very excited by spotting a Blue Mountains Spiny Crayfish in the creek!

Reminder to all parents to sign up to help at our BBQ and Cake Stall at the Harvest Fair. The sign-up sheet is outside our classroom.

Thank you

Jess, Soumya, and Freya.

Class 3/4

The highlight of our week has been practicing for the Futsal Gala Day next Monday 20 May. It has been a pleasure to see the children’s growing confidence and teamwork on and off the field.

Class 3/4 are working hard to consolidate their spelling words, each day we look, cover, write, check, and use a dictionary to define words. This week we are exploring different ways to learn our words such as writing in the sandpit and using playdough.

Our Main Lesson is progressing and this week we have been learning about the tricky cuttlefish who can camouflage itself from predators and prey alike. We are very excited about our Sydney Zoo excursion on Tuesday 21 May.

Violin lessons with Mare continue to be a treat! The children learn in small groups, and it is great fun to see them playing all together as a whole class to finish off the lesson each week. Looking forward to seeing their brilliant performance at our Harvest Fair Saturday 25 May.

Have a lovely weekend,

Kath and Meredith

Class 5/6

Class 5/6 have been learning how important it is to be physically active and enjoying a parkour type obstacle course which involves climbing, jumping, swinging, running, and practicing their balance. Hopefully, the weather will not be too rainy so we can continue this as part of our daily routine.

Our Main Lesson at the moment is Ancient Greece and we have been discovering the incredible impact they had in so many spheres of life from politics to art, philosophy, literature and even sport in the initiation of the Olympic Games. We have also been learning all kinds of fierce, fabulous, and frankly absurd stories from Greek Mythology.

Futsal has been the talk of the teams this fortnight as we prepare for the Futsal Gala Day on Friday where Class 5/6 will be competing against many other schools in the district. We have many exceptional players and a reputation to live up to! We will let you know how it goes in next week’s newsletter so stay tuned…

Elizabeth and Alannah