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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

I wish to thank Karen and all the other behind the scenes helpers, who worked so hard to organise the beautiful 40th Birthday celebrations last Saturday evening. It was wonderful to see our school community gather, both past and present, sharing stories and the warmth of connection, through the common thread of education and children. 

Thank you to all the Kindy parents who attended the “Meet the Class One Teacher”, on Wednesday night. Soumya gave a warm and inspiring welcome to the world of Class One, and I am sure those who came feel reassured that their children will enjoy this new adventure in their educational journey. 

The children’s French Knitting is progressing well, with long rainbow serpents spilling out from their craft baskets. The sewing down of these serpents onto a felt backing has begun. Beautiful spirals of swirling colour are emerging, as they start their long period of dreaming ready for Class One. 

I have reintroduced copper rods to our morning circle work, and they are proving to be just what the children need right now. We will work with them over the next three weeks. I have a little galloping ponies sequence to bring to the children, where they work in pairs with the rods, galloping across imaginary paddocks together. I just know they are going to love being galloping ponies! 

Warmest wishes, 

Francine, Zenith, and Alannah 

Class 1/2

Week 3 has certainly been an active one, with our Swimming Intensives at Springwood Pool. It has been wonderful to watch the children develop their skills and grow in confidence whilst in and around the water. Thank you to our parents for ensuring they all had a dry towel and swimmers for each day and plenty of food for their energy levels.  

Restorative Practice consultant Renee Gare returned to our classroom this week and helped our class learn how to notice and gauge where our emotional speedos are at during class and play time. This helps the children to develop emotional literacy and build skills to communicate how they are feeling in their bodies during the day. We completed the lesson by making individual gauges which some children have already started using when they need to show their feelings. Thank you, Renee, for visiting and further extending our skills and knowledge for more positive relationships in school.  

We continued our Maths main lesson this week, as Class 1 have started looking at rulers as a tool for measuring length. Class 2 began comparing and reasoning about the mass of objects. Some interesting questions came up in class today like; if I stretch out something, does it still weigh the same? And “if something is bigger does it always weigh more or does it depend on what it’s made from?” All very relevant and thought-provoking questions that lead to great class discussions.  

We have now started to read our class play! This has been quite exciting. We look forward to the coming weeks as we practice lines and prepare for our performance in Week 8.  

Finally, we would like to welcome back Class 2 student, Frida who was with us in Kindy and Class 1. The children have enjoyed reconnecting and sharing stories with Frida this week and we are so happy to have you back.  

Wishing you all restful weekend,  

Amy and Soumya 🌸 

Class 3/4

Here are some important dates: 

  • Class 3/4 play performance: ‘Thor’s Hammer’, will be performed on Thursday November 9 at 5:30 pm (Please note, that the date has been changed) 
  • Class Camp: Will run from Wednesday November 22- Friday November 24. We are going to Patonga. I will send out the camp note next week. 
  • Grandparent’s Day (or surrogate): Wednesday, November 1, 9:30 – 11:30 am. 
  • Please check school calendar for other events. 

The class had a great swimming week. We could see the children’s improvement over the course of the week. If your child is not a strong swimmer, the holiday intensives are a great way to get water confidence and skill levels up. 

We have been working on our class play. Please remind your child to practice their lines. Class 4 has individual parts and Class 3 are speaking altogether. We have sent scripts home, plus we are keeping copies at school. It has been lots of fun so far! 

Thanks to everyone who came to the school’s 40th birthday celebration. It was a lovely afternoon. 

Have a great weekend, 

Julie and Meredith 

Class 5/6

This week, Class 5 has given a warm welcome back to Leif – it is nice to have you with us! It has been a week of reunions with the school’s 40th Birthday last Saturday where it was lovely to see former students and celebrate the school’s achievements! 

Today we are off to the Combined Schools Music Day with Prem and Class 4. We have been looking forward to joining with Our Lady of the Nativity (OLN), St Canice’s and Blue Mountains Grammar at Kindlehill School to create wonderful sounds together!  

Camp – thank you all for returning the camp information forms promptly. Class 6 have all their Canberra day trip bookings finalised, and Class 5 have been continuing to learn their verses and songs for the Opening Ceremony! They are doing well with their Ancient Greek Olympic events skills training with Lindsey. One week to go! 

In class we have been learning about the first skywatchers as we discover how astronomy was valued by ancient cultures and reading through our Trojan Horse class play script. We have also been working on our maths mentals to keep all the various strands of mathematics fresh in our minds, and will resume our decimals, fractions, and percentages work on Monday as the swimming intensive makes for a very busy week! The students really enjoyed the swimming lessons and continued to develop their skills.  

Below are some dates for your diary: 

  • Friday 27 October: Classes 4-6 at Kindlehill for the Combined Schools Music Day 
  • Wednesday 1 November: Grandparents morning (9.30-11am followed by morning tea). 
  • Monday 6 – Thursday 9 November (Week 5): Class 5/6 Greek Olympics/Canberra Camp 
  • Tuesday 14 November: Class 5/6 Play 6.30pm 
  • Monday 20 November: Class 5/6 Funday Monday 
  • Friday 1 December: Class 6 to Raging Waters Sydney. 
  • Class 6 Farewell will be on Saturday December 9 from 4.30pm 

Have a great weekend! 

Steph and Lee