Class News: Week 3, Term 4

Students learning in class

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

We had such beautiful weather last week, that we walked in the bush twice and opened up water play in the sand pit. The children were delighted, celebrating and embracing these activities with typical Kindergarten vigour.  

We have been taking time to play ring games during morning circle time. Practising taking turns and working with a partner, along with skipping, dancing and holding hands while also working as a group in a large circle. Important social skills that we might take for granted as adults. 

The children’s French Knitting is progressing well, with long rainbow serpents emerging from their craft baskets. It’s time to start sewing down these serpents, curling them into colourful spirals, so they can start their long period of dreaming ready for Class One. 

A reminder to put aside the date to meet with the Class One Teachers for 2023, Isabelle Bruderlin and Amy Brownlee on Tuesday 8th November, Week 5 at 6.30pm in the Class 1/2 room in the Primary School. 

Warm wishes, 

Francine and Maya 

Class 1/2

Last week Class 1/2 have been learning about sharing into equal groups with the help of General Divide and King and Queen Equals. Our main lesson continued with Marcel collecting magical crafts for his market stall and the children have enjoyed making magical pearl necklaces and fire sticks that burn for hours.  

Also, last week the children got to spend some time reading with parent helpers, their teachers, and peers. Peer reading is a favourite in our class, and we appreciate the leadership shown by our class 3/4 buddy readers.  

We spent Thursday morning down at the mini oval and found many of nature’s gifts waiting for us, from native bees, blue tongue lizards and beautiful red waratahs. The children absorb the space and peace that comes with being fully immersed in bush play.  

With the weather warming up we ask that all children have an appropriate hat as all children need to be wearing a hat for outside play this term. We also ask that your child has a clean and full drink bottle each day.  

Wishing all a wonderful week ahead. 

Amy and Meredith 

Class 3/4

What a week it was! We continued with our Northern Legends main lesson. Thorkill, our Icelandic hero, and his crew of 65 men had to battle rough seas and wild storms, endure the loss of most their food supplies, repair ripped sails and a broken mast but through Thorkill’s level-headedness and vast experience they made it to Giant-land. The children practised note taking and turning those notes into paragraphs that then form part of a recount. On Friday the class also sculpted Thorkill’s ship Sun-Swan out of beeswax.  

After receiving a lovely postcard all the way from Italy Jess was back with Class 3/4 on Wednesday for Italian and the whole of Thursday as the teachers were meeting for College Day. They had a great and very productive day – children and teachers. 

In maths children practised addition of four and five digit numbers using the written method and carrying.  

It’s a good feeling to have everyone who has been away back in class! 

We finished reading The Twits and are on to our next Roald Dahl book – George’s marvellous medicine.  

On Friday we also visited the school garden to find out what had grown and what plants were ready to be harvested. The garden looked amazing and we found some delicious looking plants – including a fennel that was at least triple the size of a store-bought fennel. 

 Have a lovely week, 

Isabelle & Holly 

Class 5/6

Class 5/6 have been busily rehearsing our Ancient Rome-themed Class Plays this week, and also being our Main Lesson we are immersed in learning about stagecraft, all the elements that go into play production and performance, and student groups are developing their directorship skills. There is a traditional, Shakespeare-flavoured version, and then a fun Class 6 offering afterward! 

Our Plays will be performed on Thursday 10th November at 6pm under the Class 5/6 building.  Could you please send in a white single bed size flat sheet within the next two weeks for your child’s toga for the play – many thanks!  

This week we will also prepare and hold our debates on the topics ‘That Digital Technology Is Good for Children’, and ‘That the House Would Ban Zoos’. The students are really developing their skills in reasoned argument and rebuttal, as well as public speaking and this will be an excellent foundational experience before debating at high school level.  

The students have been sowing vegetable seeds in pots as a fundraiser for class activities this term – look out for some thriving produce in compostable cups that can go straight into the garden later in the term! 

It must be said – could you please ensure that Halloween lollies don’t find their way to school. Apart from our school’s focus on healthy eating, the sugar spikes and crashes work against both learning and also social dynamics – the haul is best enjoyed at home please! 

Important dates for your diary: 

3rd November Thursday: Visit to State Parliament (travel by train). 

10th November (Thursday evening at 6pm): Class 5/6 Play 

14-16th November: Class 5/6 Camp to Milson Island. 

24th November (Friday): Class 5/6 Fun Day 

2nd December (Friday): Class 6 Excursion to Raging Waters 

10th December (Saturday): 5pm Class 6 Farewell (all Class 5 parents/ carers and students needed to help on the day and through the evening please!).  

12th December (Monday) whole-school bushwalk/ picnic. 

14th December (Wednesday) Summer Assembly (and final day of term). 

Have a great week! 

Steph and Lee