Class News: Week 4, Term 2 2023

Students learning in class

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Thursday is sport day with Lindsey this term. For the last few weeks, the kindergarten children have been combining with Class 1/2 for a lengthy bush walk. The children have been exploring the walking tracks behind the school. This is such an enjoyable and satisfying activity and I am sure that the children are enriched by this special opportunity to walk and explore their natural surroundings together.

Our Morning Circle, “The Three Little Pigs”, is now complete and the children are enjoying learning the verses and songs that take them all the way to the end of this well-known tale. The movements and gestures involved in the telling of this story help to make a very lively and fun circle.

Please come to the school’s “Harvest Fair” on Saturday 27th May, 10am to 2pm. There will be lots of fun things to do and see. So, invite your family and friends and show them our beautiful school.

It is great to be back with the children and feeling better this week.

Have a cosy weekend.

Francine, Freya, and Zenith

Class 1/2

This week, Class 1/2 finished off their last Main Lesson “World Stories”. Our characters Aolani and Yuze travelled through New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Indonesia, China, Tibet, and India before deciding they were exhausted and missed their families and were ready to return home. Momo, the magic humpback whale, took them back home to Australia. Perhaps their adventures will continue one day…

Our new Main Lesson is the Magic of Number (Class 1) and Fun with Maths (Class 2). Farmer Plus has travelled down to the Blue Mountains to visit his cousin, Peter Place, and celebrate the Autumn Fair in Aunty Edith’s magical garden. On the way, he met Addemup Cockatoo, who helps mathemagician Peter Place with adding things together.

Victoria did some fun autumn art with the children this week. They loved collecting leaves for it and thinking of what animal to draw!

We will soon be sending out a News Roster with the new theme for News Time.

Many thanks to all the families who have been trying harder to arrive at school on time.

Warm wishes,

Soumya and Amy

Class 3/4

We were all so disappointed to learn that the Futsal Gala day is actually next Friday, 26 May and not today as we had been training so hard.  It appears that we did not receive the email from the organisers that the date had changed from the original scheduled date and only found out last night, hence the frantic messages and emails.  Sincere apologies for the inconvenience this caused. We will look forward to next Friday with the same enthusiasm as we had for today.  Unfortunately, we need you to sign another permission note with the new date and this will be sent home with your child today and emailed.

I would like to thank Sue – Hannah and Miriam’s grandma – for sewing the pencil case bases for Class 4. I am very appreciative of the help. Class 4 made quick ones during the infamous Covid period, but they were not very satisfactory. So now they can sew the segments and feel very organised!

I believe every house should own a dictionary … we have been looking up definitions and learning how to use one. It was lots of fun.

Also, I feel like it is always a big effort to take our children to see performances, mostly because of our location (and often financially). I told a story about our characters visiting the Sydney Opera house and some children said they had never been there. I was surprised and just thought I would mention it as a good holiday sojourn. Here is a link to a performance that I just noticed is on for this weekend only.  I wish I could go; it looks really interesting.

Lastly, we made spinach and fetta gozleme today. It was easy and delicious. Even the people who thought they wouldn’t like it and then tried it, were nicely surprised!

Have a great weekend,
Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

Class 5/6 had a fantastic time on Wednesday visiting Jenolan Caves as a doorway into the glittering cavern of our upcoming Geology Main Lesson. We toured the Lucas and Chifley Caves where the guide told us about the staggering age of the formations which long pre-date the dinosaurs! There were stories of the early European exploration of the caves, the theory of plate tectonics, and even about the bones of megafauna and fossils found in the cave. We were very fortunate to have Paul Glass along to share with us some of the Aboriginal importance of the area looked after by the Burra Burra clan on Gundungurra land. Aboriginal people considered the bright blue waters a place of healing, and the class heard the Dreamtime creation story of a tussle between two creator spirits, Gurangatch, and Mirrangan.

Paul brought his yidaki (didgeridoo) into the Lucas Cave and the sound was amazing! Thank you, Paul, Martin, and Lee, for an amazing day!

In our Maths Practice Lessons, we have been continuing our work in fractions with ordering, adding, and subtracting like and related denominators. We have almost completed our Ancient Greece study for now and will pick it up again just before the Class 5 Greek Olympics in Term 4. We have been writing a narrative story response using digital technology and the students are getting more confident with using quotation marks and editing their work on the screen. There are some amazing Trojan Horse artworks on the wall now, come and have a look at the Fair!

Have a great weekend,

Steph and Lee