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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

The highlight for this week has to be the making and eating of Tiramisu, as part of the children’s Italian lesson with Jess McCann. Thank you to Jess and the parent helpers, who worked to make this cooking experience possible for the children.

Kindergarten will be serving scones and tea from the Boronia Room during the Fair on Saturday. So please come by and bring a relative or friend to view the children’s work and have a cup of tea on our verandah.

See you on Saturday.



Class 1/2

Last Friday, we had our first session of Volleyball with Sporting Schools. Coach Anthony was really impressed with the Class 1/2 children, not only their skills but their enthusiasm in participating!

This week, we concluded our Main Lesson on World Stories and started our new Main Lesson on Local Surroundings, which will focus on the local geography, flora, and fauna.

Class 1 also had their very first recorder lesson, which began with a story about a kingdom with a tower on top of a hill. In each room of the tower lives a person playing an instrument, providing beautiful music that echoes through the kingdom. Last week, they heard about Bonnie who plays the Bagpipes, and we practiced the note ‘B’. Class 2 continued learning and practicing songs on their recorder with Jess.

A reminder that tomorrow is our Harvest Festival at school from 10am-2pm. Classes will be performing at 12.15pm, so it would be great if your children could be there to participate then.


Soumya, Jess, Rowena, and Isabella

Class 3/4

Our Futsal Gala Day was a wonderful event. Congratulations to all the students who participated and gave it their all. Special thanks to Lindsey and all the families who joined us on the day. These events are not the same without extra hands and hearts!

We visited Sydney Zoo on Tuesday. It was such a fun day, seeing these amazing creatures in real life was an invaluable experience and brings even more excitement to our Main Lesson.

Maths practice lessons have been lots of fun the last few weeks. Seeing children’s joyful expressions and watching them challenge themselves while consolidating maths facts brings joy to our hearts.

Looking forward to the Harvest Fair and catching up with much-loved families from our community,

Kath and Meredith

Class 5/6

Hi, my name is Jesse, and I am a year 6 writing the newsletter this week. Year 5/6 has been learning about Ancient Greece. In these stories we take notes, then proceed to write it in our own words. At the start of every main lesson book, we do a beautiful title page based on the topic. Our most recent story is Theseus and The Minotaur. After we write a paragraph or two of the story, we then draw a picture under the writing.

This week we are doing Italian cooking day; we are making tiramisu, which is a dessert made from chocolate, cocoa powder, milk, and ladyfinger biscuits.

Some of Class 5/6 have been elected to run stalls at the Autumn Festival such as cake stalls and more! Years 1-6 will be performing recorder and other instruments starting at 12:15. We hope to see you there! 😊

Year 5/6 enjoyed the frantic but fun futsal gala day last week. The year 5 team won their grand final and many players got called out for being “player of the match”. We have some outstanding players in this cohort, but I was most proud of the way our school generally had excellent sportsmanship and played well as a team. The players not on the field were very vocal in their support on the sidelines. Well done team!

Elizabeth and Alannah