Class News: Week 4, Term 4 2023

Students learning in class

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

On Wednesday afternoon the Kindergarten children went for a walk to the Primary school.  There they meet up with Class 1/2 teachers, Soumya and Amy. Soumya invited the Kindy children into the Class 1/2 room where they were able to look around, explore the room and engage with her.  Class 1 and 2 children were playing games outside, so everyone had a chance to say hello and greet each other.

There will be more opportunities for the Kindy children to walk around the Primary school, explore the pathways, look into classrooms and meet the Class teachers over the coming weeks.

Thursdays have emerged as regular gardening days with Annie the Gardener. Last Thursday the children planted another Lilly Pilly that will bear juicy red fruits and some lovely small flowering plants, in the far corner of the playground that we are working to reinvigorate.  At the end of each of these sessions Annie takes the children into the chook pen, where they collect the fresh eggs, hand feed the hens and give them lots of loving attention and cuddles.

If you have some free time at drop-off or pick-up, ask your child to show you the Lilly Pilly trees we have been planting.

Cheers for now,

Francine, Zenith, and Alannah

Class 1/2

Week 4 has seen a gentle return to our regular class rhythms of morning circles, main and practice lessons, and busily working on our craft projects. As we reflect on our crazy week of swimming intensives, we witnessed the children grow their skills and confidence whilst having lots of fun in the pool.

On Wednesday we welcomed our Grandparents to the school as they joined in with our Morning Circle, craft and reading. For some of our grandparents it was their first time visiting the school and they were so thrilled to see our beautiful classroom and ways of learning. We hope they enjoyed the morning tea put on by Stephanie Smith.

A note will be going out this week for our Class 1 dinner and Class 2 sleepover in Week 6. Please ensure you return the note as soon as possible as it contains essential information as well as a space to report your child’s dietary requirements we need to know for catering. We will be needing parent helpers to help with breakfast on the Friday morning, please contact us if you are able to contribute.

We have now begun our Main Lesson of the Class Play – Birdsong Brouhaha, the children will be practicing their lines, designing costumes and backdrops as well as engaging in fun drama games to help build understanding and skills in the art of performing. We will be putting a call out for parent helpers to help with costumes, we appreciate any help we can get with our grand production.

Our HAT numbers are dwindling again!! Please ensure your children have a school hat with their name inside of it to be kept at school. Children who do not have a hat on need to remain on the verandah during play times. Please also make sure your child has a drink bottle every day as we often go for bush walks and bush play where there is no access to a bubbler.

Wishing you all a happy and relaxed weekend,

Amy and Soumya

Class 3/4

This week, Julie has been away with an injured hand. The children of Class 3/4 have coped so well. Thank you, Kath, and Jess, for stepping in.

We have been busy practicing our play for next week. Most of the children know all their lines and are working on clear pronunciation and speaking more slowly.

On Wednesday, we had some grandparents visiting our class. They watched our class sing Italian songs, learned a story about the Dolomites, did a form drawing and worked with some beeswax. We hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did having them join us.

A note about camp has been sent home. Please read it carefully and feel free to contact us if you have questions. If your child struggles with being away from home at night, now is a good time to practice sleepovers with grandparents etc.

We look forward to seeing you at our play on Thursday evening.

Meredith (on behalf of Julie)

Class 5/6

The students very much enjoyed the Combined Schools Music Day last Friday. It was wonderful for them to sing alongside peers from other schools, to perform the amazing pieces they have been working on with Prem, and to also hear choir and band performances. Many thanks to Prem for preparing the students so well and coordinating our involvement and performance, and to Lee and Rebecca for coming along and supporting us! Class 5 are now ready to complete their beautiful cajons with the sanding and varnishing process and can’t wait to join Class 6 in working with Prem on learning to play them!

We are so excited for camp next week! Please be sure to be at school by 7.45am as we leave at 8am sharp. Stay tuned for some action photos of outdoor education challenges, Class 6 Canberra journeys, and of course the Class 5 Greek Olympics! Happy packing this weekend (it would be great if students can do as much as possible themselves!).

There is unfortunately to be another change to the date for our class play (due to a conflict with a Class 6 high school information night) – please let me know any other similar conflict for high school information nights ASAP and I will let you know a new date shortly.

We have begun working on individual-choice topics for an in-class mini-project as part of our Astronomy Main Lesson. Fortunately, we have a big class library of books on the topic, and of course students can also research online (with parent support) at home – I can print information at school if this helps.

Below are some dates for your diary:

  • Monday 6th to Thursday 9th November (Week 5): Class 5/6 Greek Olympics/Canberra Camp
  • Monday 20th November: Class 5/6 Funday Monday
  • Friday 1st December: Class 6 to Raging Waters Sydney.
  • Class 6 Farewell will be on Saturday December 9th from 4.30pm

Have a great weekend!

Steph and Lee