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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

The Kindy Autumn Festival will be held on Wednesday 5th April at 10am.  This is the last day of Term 1, children come to school with their parents at the later time of 10am. After sharing morning tea together, children may go home with their parents or extended family members, or remain at school until 3pm.

This week the children experienced Eurythmy with Adam Chan. This is a little taste of Eurythmy for these young children. We are extremely lucky to have Adam at our school this term, however it will only be for the next four weeks at this stage.

We have been enjoying “The Pancake Mill”, our current morning circle, however we will be moving onto our Autumn Festival circle work next week.

On Wednesday the teachers engaged in a wonderful “Restorative Practice” workshop with Renee Gare. I am looking forward to bringing circle conversations to the children and practicing restorative questions with them when upsets arise in the group or between children.

Our story this week was the “Little Straw Broom”, so if your child has developed a particular new urge to help in the house it may have something to do with this week’s story!

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

Francine, Freya and Zenith

Class 1/2

Week 6 has been a busy time for our class, as we have already passed the halfway mark for the term. It has been wonderful to witness the growth that has already occurred in each child.

As temperatures soared this week, we spent a lot of time in doors cooling off under the fans and being aware of listening to our bodies to ask if we need shade, water, or quiet time. We were so excited to have another water play day in P.E. on Monday; the children were happy to cool off and have some fun with Lindsey.

Play practice is now in full swing and the children are learning their lines and actions for the performance, we are also practicing our lines in Morning Circle. The children are enjoying learning the recorder in their music lessons and are keen to practice in class time as well. We would like to send a gentle reminder to parents and carers to provide a recorder for your child if they don’t already have one.

Main Lesson for Class 1 has involved reading some of Grimms Fairy Tales, which has had the children spellbound whilst soaking up the essence of the letters they’re learning. They have also begun spelling this week which they met with high enthusiasm and care.

Class 2 has heard some Indigenous animal stories, with our favourite being Tiddalick, the greedy frog. The children have focused on making interesting sentences with nouns, verbs, and adjectives, as well as creating beautiful story drawings.

We would like to remind parents and carers to please send in your Swimming Fun Day permission note as soon as possible. This is very important as we need to organise the children into swimming level groups before the day.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,  Amy and Isabelle 🌈

Class 3/4

Class 3/4 has been experimenting with strategies to work out the area of something, without the use of a grid. Is it more effective to use regular or irregular measuring tools? Is using a leaf a consistent tool for measuring?

Should we use a small object to measure a large space? So many questions and answers to ponder.

Swimming Fun Day is this coming Monday, 13 March. Eurythmy is back again for 4 weeks on Thursdays. Eurythmy Teacher, Adam, is in Australia visiting and we are very fortunate to have him back at our school for a short while. Violin is going well, as is recorder. We are practicing for our Autumn St Michael Play. Class 3 will be the Dragon and Class 4 the Townspeople.

I hope all is well with everyone.

Have a great weekend,

Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

We have been hearing about the Terracotta Warriors in our Ancient China Main Lesson this week, and seeing some beautiful miniature examples purchased by Lee’s Mum who saw the exhibition a few years ago. It’s astonishing to think of these – and the war-horses – all life-sized and buried underneath the ground! We are now learning about Confucius, and the students will be writing their own beautiful and wise proverbs. In support of their project work, students have been given three resources on the life of Confucius for them to practice identifying key points and writing a summary in their own words. Next week we start our ‘Word Spy’ Grammar Main Lesson.

Eurythmy is back this week, and the children very much enjoyed their first session with Adam working with live piano to encounter speech through movement. As always, movement extends into our Maths Practice lessons as we attempt another knotwork Form Drawing, and revise our knowledge of grid references and coordinates, as well as picture graphs and data representation.

We are rehearsing the St Michael Play several times per week now before our Autumn Festival, and the students are drawing the most amazing artworks of the dragon being tamed by St Michael. We are noticing the huge full moon and the leaves changing on the trees around our homes and playground, and a little crispness in the air in the evenings.

NAPLAN testing starts next Wednesday for Class 5. Please ensure your child is on time to school and has had a great breakfast – this will be a great start!

Dates for your diary:

  • Monday 13 March Swimming Fun Day
  • Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 March Class 5 NAPLAN dates (more information to follow)
  • Tuesday 21 March 5.30pm St Michael Play
  • Parent Teacher Interviews Thursday 23, Tuesday 28 and Thursday 30 March (information for booking with Karen will follow).

Enjoy your weekend.

Steph and Lee