Class News: Week 6, Term 1 2024

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Kindergarten has been alive with adventure and imagination. Warm Autumn days bring opportunities for water play, cubby building and strengthening friendship connections. It is always a pleasure to hear children’s stories and songs as they explore their environment.

We have been enjoying the story of The Enormous Turnip this week. We were especially pleased that the farmers (and their animals) persevered until they harvested their turnip!

Annie helped us to plant a beautiful Banksia Tree this week. The children cherish this opportunity to dig, discuss and nurture our garden. We look forward to welcoming more birds to our garden with the sweet nectar of the banksia.

Many thanks for packing spare clothes which come in handy following our sandpit adventures and the abundance of fruit to share at our morning tea.

Warm wishes,

Francine and Kath

Class 1/2

Warami Class 1 and 2 parents/carers,

We were lucky to have a day packed with language this week. Aunty Corina came in and led a wonderful Dharug language session with our class. We will be trying our very best to bring in more of the Dharug language into our everyday classroom activities. Later, Sayoko did Japanese with the class, combining elements of music, song, and games with Japanese language.

The Class 1 and 2 children are really enjoying their Main Lessons – they are rich with stories, so please ask your child daily what their story was about. It can help you connect with them, and help their learning sink in.

Next Friday 15 March is our Teddy Bears’ Picnic excursion to the Rhododendron Garden in Blackheath. We sent out a note this week, please ensure permission is returned by Tuesday 12 March at the latest. There is no cost for this excursion.

Have a lovely weekend,

Soumya and Amy

Class 3/4

Class 3/4 have been learning more about commas. They have also been describing their houses and gardens – enticing the reader to be curious and captivated.

Measuring the world is continuing. We figured out that five times our digit is the length of our cubit.


We have all been practicing the four times tables.

Year 3 have been practicing for NAPLAN in the library on the computers.

The music for our St Michael Festival is also being practiced.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

Class 5/6 had a rich and rewarding week – though not without some groans – as their minds have been stretched and strengthened by learning essay writing for the first time.

They have written a persuasive expositional essay, convincing me why I should take up their favourite hobby and a discussion essay about the pros and cons of country and city life. They are learning to think about and express different opinions – and boy do they have a lot of strong ones!

Class 6 has been very patient and done a lot of silent reading, while Class 5 has been doing practice NAPLAN tests to prepare for NAPLAN next week. They have been doing touch typing for a few weeks and most of them are now at ease with the computer and were easily able to navigate the necessary technology to be able to access their own Microsoft 365 accounts, write a word document (a narrative and/or an essay! 😊), do the practice tests and use a digital ruler.

The class are hanging out for Friday Fun Day, where (apart from their spelling and times tables tests!) they will enjoy a day of games, sport, art and well … a little less intense writing!

Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Elizabeth and Lee