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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Kindergarten Lantern Walk and Winter Spiral is set for Friday 28th June at 5.30pm. All Sessional and Kindergarten families are invited to join our Winter Celebrations.

Kindergarten mid-year reports will be followed up with Parent/Teacher Interviews. Booking times for these interviews are available by clicking the link Anyone experiencing difficulties should see Karen in the office.

This week the children used three colours to make a colourful painting to be used for the Winter Lanterns for our Winter Festival Walk.

This Festival is very special to the Kindergarten year where the children walk with a lit lantern, in the company of their parents in the darkness of the Winter night. This is followed by an inside lighting of a green spiral laid out on the carpet in the classroom. Each child is given a candle set in an apple. The child then journeys into the centre of the spiral to light their candle, placing the lit candle in the spiral on the journey back out.

The Festival ends when all the candles representing each child in the group is lit and the spiral glows with the light of each child and their teacher.

This is a very moving celebration of each child and the Winter darkness, a Festival not to be missed.

Enjoy the long weekend and have fun.


Class 1/2

Our Main Lesson on local surroundings has wielded some really amazing activities. On Monday, the children heard a story about the change of season – as Father Sun’s light started to fade, the days became shorter and Mother Moon helped light up the sky. Eventually both their lights faded – which led to the shorter day and longest night.

Jess incorporated some Aboriginal symbols into a lesson, which the children then made with red and yellow playdough and translated into a drawing. We did some gardening with Annie, which this week involved lots of weeding and preparing the area to plant some seeds. The children were all really engaged and it is amazing how many hands can make light work! Going forward, we will be doing gardening every Monday morning with Annie, to settle us back into the school week.

Music has been a fun adventure. Class 1 have now learned 3 notes on their recorder. The story that accompanies is from The Land of Music, which used to be the Land of Silence – there was no music at all. Then, some people moved in to the tower on top of the hill and began to play their favourite instruments. Soon, the whole kingdom was full of music, singing and dancing. This week, we drew the tower with the people in each room – Bonnie (B), Alexander (A) and Glenn (G). Class 2 have been learning more about the notes too, slowly learning new tunes with the notes they already know. They also each get to make up a song or tune and do a little “performance” for the group at the end.

As it is now Winter, we request that the children bring in classroom slippers. We do not wear shoes inside, however the floor can be cold. We will have a basket to keep them all in from next week.

Have a lovely weekend,


Class 3/4

We have begun our new Main Lesson exploring the Old Testament. It’s always interesting to hear stories from the past, explore different traditions and accepted norms from another time. 

Lindsey, Francine, Kindergarten and Class 3/4 went for a bushwalk to Turtle Rock this week. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by bushland, as exploring the bush allows children to use all their senses, while working on balance and coordination. We are also building up our stamina ready for our whole day bushwalk later in the term.

Class 3/4 have enjoyed estimating, measuring and recording various things in our school environment this week. The children are also getting better at sharing their findings with the class at the end of the activity, there was healthy debate over why we had different results to the challenge of measuring the ballcourt.

We have continued working on our Winter Solstice lanterns this week. Children are taking their time to create a beautiful lantern and singing practice continues to be a pleasure.

Enjoy a lovely, restful weekend,

Kath and Meredith

Class 5/6

Year 5/6 had a fantastic time at Camp Yarramundi.  The group was incredibly brave and adventurous as they tackled heights of up to 15m. They abseiled, went on a flying fox, a giant swing and navigated pitch-black mazes. Their team building skills were challenged as they had to work together to complete a scavenger hunt and an Alpine challenge. The food was fantastic and what they may have lacked in sleep they made up for in adventure!