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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Kindergarten Spring FestivalWednesday 20th September at 10am. Children come to school with their parents at the later time of 10am.

Please bring a plate of delicious food to share for morning tea. At 11.45am families are invited to join the Primary school’s celebrations, picnic together and participate in Spring games at Lawson Oval.

Everyone enjoyed dressing up for Book Week, bringing their favourite book characters alive for the book parade. We gathered on the ball court and shared our costumes and books. It was such fun coming together as a whole school, exchanging our interest and joy for books and the pleasure of reading.

This week the children heard the story of the “Little Snow Drop”, who came to let everyone know that Spring will be with us very soon. It is such an encouraging story as we see the seed babies waking from their Winter sleep and the buds beginning to open and bloom on the trees around us.

Spring is on its way!

Cheers from

Francine, Zenith, and Alannah

Class 1/2

Book Week, bushwalks and dinosaurs! It has been a week of fun and surprises and the children have soaked up every minute of it.

We began our week with a new Main Lesson “Stories of the Dreaming”. As we share stories from Indigenous Cultures the children have been holding these stories with great reverence and have been acting them out during playtime too!

On Tuesday we ventured off into the bush with Paul, we had an amazing few hours exploring Country. Paul shared so much information about the landscape, Mother Earth’s gifts, taking care of Country and how the trees, rocks, and soil work together to form different microenvironments such as the hanging swamp between Hazel and Edith Falls. Thank you, Paul, for holding space and guiding us through the bush.

On Tuesday afternoon we were delighted with a surprise visit from former student, Harper. Harper brought in a Velociraptor which she had made herself! The children were wowed with the vast knowledge that Harper shared with us and was so giving with her time.

Book week parade was wonderful, we always enjoy seeing all the costumes and character ideas that the students come up with. Thank you to all the parents who put in their time and energy to support their children with this event. We have looked at many story books this week, including; children’s favourite books, our favourites, and the Dreamtime Story books. The children have experienced a wide range of story books this week.

We have been practicing using Restorative Practice in our classroom and playground, when things go wrong, we can use these simple questions to help us work things out…

  • What happened?
  • Who got hurt? (including feelings)
  • What can we do to fix it?
  • What can we do next time?

We are encouraging children to use these questions when navigating the social environment. We are also looking at our classroom values, as a group, working out what we value as a class and how these values help us to learn and stay safe at school.

Wishing you all a bright and sunny weekend,

Many thanks, Amy and Soumya

Class 3/4

Book Week has been happily floating through our classroom this week.

The children have been planning, drafting, and publishing sweet little books. They have put a lot of effort into them and are proud of their good work.

In amongst our publishing house, we have been working with a ‘Whole Lot of Fractions,’ as well as hearing the stories of ‘The Five Friends.’ Their restaurant renovations are coming along very well, and it should be up and running in time for our PARENT DINNER ON WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 6th at 5:30pm!

Please RSVP Friday 1/9.

The Book Parade was a smashing success! Thank you to everyone who helped their child to feel a part of this fun event.

PS, please let me know if your child will not be at school on the last day of term, Wednesday September 20th. We are working on the Maypole Dance, and I need to know who will actually be there on the day. Thanks very much.

Have a great weekend,

Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

The school celebrated yet another wonderful Book Week parade yesterday and it was great to see so many of our senior students this year getting into the groove of celebrating the books they love the most. Perhaps most special was hearing about the reasons for their choices, and what they love about the writing. Enjoy the photos!

Class 5 have been beginning correspondence with the Class 5 students at Aurora Steiner School (Bowral) who will be joining them at the Greek Olympics next term. We look forward to receiving the responses and making some new friends! As part of fundraising for camp we have been planting more seedlings and will again serve delicious nachos for the school’s Flavoursome Fridays lunch program (we think we are perfecting our recipe now!).

During our Maths practice lessons we have been reviewing factorisation, and time – timetables and clocks, 24-hour time and time zones.

We are now working on researching the biographies of several Aboriginal historical figures in class as part of our state history Main Lesson. The students will be learning to create a PowerPoint to present their information and display classroom posters.

We have also been studying some of the reasons for Britain seeking to colonise Australia, patterns of settlement, and the problems arising from introduced species of flora and fauna. There are some beautiful examples of student watercolour works of Warrane (Circular Quay before European development) and spring blossoms in this newssheet

Below are some dates for your diary:

Wednesday 30th August: Father’s Day Stall

Wednesday 20th September: Spring Festival

Term 4 important dates to be aware of:

Canberra camp: Monday 6th to Thursday 9th November (Week 5)

Class 6 Farewell will be on Saturday December 9th from 4.30pm

Have a lovely weekend!

Steph and Lee