Class News: Week 6, Term 4 2023

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Next week the children will begin preparing the Circle work for the end of year Summer Festival. The festival will take place on the last morning of this Term Wednesday 13 December at 10am. The children will come to school with their parents at the later time of 10am. The Circle presentation will be followed by a morning tea to celebrate our year together. After the celebrations, children may head home or continue onto the Primary celebrations and farewell to Class 6 at 11.45am. This celebration of Summer ends our Kindergarten year.

The Kindergarten children will begin sewing the back onto their seat covers next week and adding the finger knitted straps to their work. Once the seat covers are completed, they will be stored in the Kindergarten over the Summer holidays. On the first day of term next year the children will return to the Kindergarten and pick up their seat covers, before making the journey to the Primary school to meet their Class Teacher.

We still have a few special remaining weeks ahead. The children have been making their own puppet plays and telling beautiful stories during their morning play. Teeth are getting very wobbly, and many children have lost quite a few teeth. I think the last days in the Kindergarten are to be savoured.

Have a restful weekend.

Francine, Zenith, and Alannah

Class 1/2

Week 6 has been filled with excitement as we embarked on our Class 1 dinner and Class 2 sleepover! Firstly, we would like to thank all our parent helpers who volunteered their time and energy to help out. We would also like to thank Steph Smith (Class 5/6 parent) who lovingly prepared our delicious dinner. We all had such a great time!

On Tuesday, Soumya brought the Hindu and Sikh, Deepavali Festival (The Festival of Lights) by telling the story and decorating the classroom with rangoli and deepas (lamps). The children were so engaged with the magic of the story and appreciated the style and colours of Soumya’s traditional dress, churidar. We also discussed the value of respecting different cultural beliefs, stories, and festivals.

Next week we will be heavily focused on our Class Play preparations. We will be sending out an email about costumes and props that we may need children to make or bring from home. The children are having a great time practicing our lines, drama games and costume design as part of our current main lesson.

We hope you all have a very restful weekend,

Amy and Soumya.

Class 3/4

The class have been listening to stories and writing about Australia, pre-colonisation, in terms of how the continent evolved, and we have been talking about how the adaptation of the First Peoples of Australia has always been a cultural presence, and how this evolution is part of an ongoing process today.

We are looking forward to our camp next week. Please ensure your child is at school no later than 8.30am on Wednesday.

Jess has been taking the class this week, whilst I have been doing administration work, and she told a beautiful story that she wrote, about the Hawkesbury River in the early colonial days. This is very timely, as we will be venturing into this area next week on our camp. The class have been working on place value and this has been evolving into money/decimal concepts. Our next Main Lesson is about Trading and Money, so the maritime History ML and the Trading ML work well alongside one another.

Please remember to regularly swap readers, if that is what your child needs to practice their reading regularly.

 Have a lovely weekend,

Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

The second half of Term 4 is always a busy one for Class 5/6, and the strong class community and increasing maturity of the students comes to the fore as we embrace each task with flexibility, working to the strengths of each student in a general all-hands-on-deck approach to the many things that need to be done! Both classes are rehearsing a play and building a rather large Trojan horse and preparing for our Fun Day Monday fundraiser next week. Class 6 are writing pieces for their yearbooks and preparing for their Farewell events and doing the very important task of reflecting on their time at our school as well as supporting each other preparing for their transition to high school next year. An addition to the calendar is the Class 6 annual excursion to Raging Waters Sydney on Friday 1 December.

The class are continuing their Astronomy Main Lesson and will soon be asked to do some night sky observations at home over several nights. We are simultaneously working on not only our Class Play Main Lesson, but also our Business Maths unit as we resource and cost the Fun Day activities. Our studies will conclude with the Physics Main Lesson. Class 5 have just completed their beautiful cajons with Prem, and both classes are now eagerly working on new material in their Music Ensemble lessons to present at the final events of the year.

A huge thankyou to Stephanie Smith for coordinating Class 5’s preparations for the Class 6 farewell – it is so much appreciated! Could Class 5 families please get in touch with Stephanie if you haven’t already – many thanks!

Below are some dates for your diary:

  • Monday 20th November: Class 5/6 Fun Day Monday
  • Friday 1st December: Class 6 excursion to Raging Waters Sydney
  • Tuesday 5th December: Class 5/6 Play 6pm (students arrive 5.45pm)
  • Saturday December 9th from 5pm (earlier for Class 5 students and parents/ carers please).

Have a great weekend!

Steph and Lee