Class News: Week 6, Term 4

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

On Thursday morning the children had the opportunity to go into Class 1/2 and listen to a story being told by their teacher, Julie Humphreys. The Kindy children had the chance to see the Class working at their desks and how quiet they are during Main Lesson. We thank Julie for inviting us to join her class in this way. 

Next Friday 25th November, Paul Glass will be joining us on the mini-oval for an Aboriginal cultural experience and walk through the bush. Please make sure that your child has a drink bottle and good sturdy shoes for this time with Paul. 

Have a great weekend. 

Francine and Maya 

Class 1/2

The sunrise was beautiful on the morning after our Class 2/3 sleepover. I know, because that’s when most children woke up (apart from the super heavy sleepers, who didn’t stir from any noise whatsoever!). All claimed they didn’t sleep, but we all got some…! 

It is such a great experience for the children. A couple of children struggled being away from home, but they found their inner strength and fell asleep, waking to feel proud of themselves in the morning. Getting through those harder things in life can be a strengthening experience. 

Thank you to Stephanie Smith who made DELICIOUS food and to the parents who helped with setting up, serving and cleaning after the meals 

I feel honoured (no matter how little sleep) to have the experience of a camp at school. The children get to experience a different part of being together. 

We are busy practicing the play (for next Wednesday at 5:30pm). Please be sure to check any bits or emails you receive between now and then. It’s a busy time of year at school and there’s lots going on: play, athletics day, Class 6 fun day, Xmas assembly. 

Today is Dashiell’s last day at our school. He and his family are moving to the UK. We wish them all the very best. We hope he comes and visits us when he visits Australia. We’re going to miss you, Dash! 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Julie, Meredith and Amy 

Class 3/4

For the most part this week was dedicated to the practice of our class play. A lot of the children have been practicing their lines at home and it really shows in their confidence and expression. We started acting instead of just reading our lines in class and this has added a whole new dimension to the play – how do we deliver our lines, where do we stand, who moves the props, where do we enter and exit the stage, etc. It’s been a lot of fun practicing this week.  

As the story of Moses is about the exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt and deals with the Jewish festival of Passover, I told the children a story about Passover and together as a class we made fresh matzah. 

We started making our class play flyers which will go home very soon.  

Apart from practicing our class play we wrote a story based on three keywords. The children then had to edit this story and pay special attention to correct punctuation, sentence structure, capital letters, usage of apostrophes, paragraphs and speech marks. A very hard task for some, yet so easy for others. 

In maths we looked at the inverse relationship between multiplication and division to make division a bit more popular. Division for some reason is the least liked operation in Class 3/4. We also practiced addition and subtraction with carrying and trading and the children are getting so much better at it.  

Violin with Mare on Thursdays is going well and the children enjoy their small group lessons very much. 

Thursday was a big and long day for the Class 3 children – we had our sleepover night at school. In the morning the children arrived with big bags full of everything they needed and plates and containers full of afternoon tea treats. After school we got together with Class 1/2 for a bushwalk to Mabel Falls, then enjoyed ball and board games and a delicious dinner of pasta, sauce and salad. Thank you so much to Stephanie Smith for providing all the food for us!  

Once the Class 1 children had left we set up our beds in the classrooms. Most children wanted to crawl into their sleeping bags, read a book or chat to a friend. Before lights out I read to my group of children and most were asleep fairly quickly. Our girls room got woken up by the boys who were up at 5 and ready for the day. When we were still snuggled in our sleeping bags they had packed up their room and were playing basketball. The morning was beautiful, crisp and sunny and everyone enjoyed their breakfast outside. What a great experience for Classes 1, 2 and 3! 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Isabelle and Holly 

PS: Just as a reminder, our class play performance is on Thursday 1st December at 6pm. 

Class 5/6

We had an amazing time on camp at the Sport and Rec Centre at Milson Island these past few days! Camps are an integral part of the PDHPE curriculum as well as vital for individual development and resilience-building.  

With beautiful water views at every turn and jacarandas in full bloom on the first day our students learned the art of fencing, tried their hand at raft-building using recycled materials, trial and error and good old-fashioned teamwork, and cooled off from the first real summery weather in the pool. 

The next morning saw us racing canoes and, after lunch, the students rode BMX bikes around the island and participated in the team problem-solving initiatives circuit. Our final day saw us compete in our own Amazing Race, doing various orienteering and challenge activities, and we finished with a bushwalk to some historic dwellings. Along the way we saw a family of motionless tawny frogmouths blending in with the bark, as well as the biggest display of flannel flowers anyone has ever seen!  

Everyone has grown from their experience and taken home some precious memories, and we thank Lee and Martin for their care and their time accompanying us – it is very much appreciated. The smiles in the photos say it all! 

The next big event for which we have to plan is the Class 5/6 Fun Day next Thursday – there is something happening every week now and our students are more than up for the challenge! This is a traditional fundraiser for Class 5/6 Term 4 activities, as well as a much-anticipated day of fun and community-building for our students. A note will go home soon and all preparation will be in-class. 

Important dates for your diary: 

24th November (Thursday): Class 5/6 Fun Day 

25th November (Friday): Athletics Carnival (includes Class 5/6 Greek Olympics events) Pitt Park, Wentworth Falls. 

2nd December (Friday): Class 6 Excursion to Raging Waters 

10th December (Saturday): 5pm Class 6 Farewell (all Class 5 parents/ carers and students needed to help on the day and through the evening please!).  

12th December (Monday) whole-school bushwalk/ picnic. 

14th December (Wednesday) 11.45am Summer Assembly (and final day of term). 

Have a great weekend! 

Steph and Lee