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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

This week the children completed their work with the Pancake Mill Morning Circle. We have had so much making imaginary “pancakes and pies” and riding our ponies around the room as part of the fairy tale we have been telling. Next week the children will begin work on the circle for their Autumn Festival.

The Kindergarten Autumn Festival will take place on the last day of this term, Wednesday 10 April at 10am. Please bring a plate of wholesome food to share for morning tea that will follow the Festival presentation and sharing. All members of the school community are most welcome to join in our celebrations.

On Wednesday, Annie the school gardener, brought in a selection of fruits (plums, persimmons, and a pomegranate) for the children to try. They then selected some seeds from these fruits and planted them in pots. The pots are now resting in the seed growing hothouse, where the children will keep an eye on their progress and growth over the coming weeks. Please view the attached photos to see the children’s joy and enthusiasm for this project.

We have had a really enjoyable week together.



Class 1/2

Autumn has blown in and as one of our children put it…  “The trees are putting on their pyjamas ready to go to bed!”

This week Class 1 continued with their Fairy Tales Main Lesson and worked on building letter formation and sounds. Class 2 has begun their new Main Lesson “Mathemagics” focusing on shapes and number patterns.

This week we have been using our Dharug dhalang in class to introduce ourselves and for getting each other’s attention. This week’s words are “Naara” (listen) and “Nahlaa” (look)

We are looking forward to seeing parents at the parent interviews next week, please book online if you would like to attend.


Amy and Soumya.

Class 3/4

Hello everyone,

*NAPLAN is happening at the moment for Classes 3 and 5.

*Excursion to Penrith Print Museum is on Tuesday 26 March. Please keep an eye out for a note next week. Any parents wanting to play that piece of music that I sent out for the festival, please contact me as soon as you can.

Have a good weekend,

Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

This week Class 5 completed 4 different online NAPLAN tests with relative ease and no tears!

 Everyone came up with an interesting story and remembered to have a title, a problem and some kind of conclusion. Meanwhile, Class 6 used their new persuasive writing skills to argue a convincing case to the principal about some prominent issues including toasties and journals.  We also did circle work to practice using voice to address issues.

We celebrated Lohan’s birthday together this week with a watermelon basket full of beautifully made fruit flower kebabs. We also enjoyed bushwalking, nature observation and making many new discoveries about countries around the world. 

This week we wrap up our main lesson on storytelling and look forward to the next unit on Botany.

Enjoy your weekend.

Elizabeth and Lee