Class News: Week 7, Term 3

Students learning in class

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

We were busy this week making our own gifts and cards for Father’s Day, but unfortunately there were lots of children missing from school due to illness. We hope that everyone starts to feel better and returns to school soon. 

Our Spring Fair is on Saturday 10th September from 10am to 2pm. Everyone is invited to bring along family and friends. 

Kindergarten’s end-of-term Spring Festival will be held on Wednesday 21st September at 10am. On this day the children come to school with their parents at the later time of 10am. The children will present their Circle Work for their family and friends. A shared Morning Tea will follow and students may go home with parents or remain at school and complete the day.  

The Kindergarten Festival will conclude at 11.30am allowing time for families to move up into the Primary School for their Spring Festival at 11.45am.  

Have a lovely Spring weekend, 

Francine and Maya 

Class 1/2

Class 1/2 have had a wonderful week with the beginning of their new Celtic Main Lesson: Step we gaily, On we go!  

So far, we have listened to Celtic Fairy Tales that still have meaning in the present day, writing poems about fairies in the woods and drawing Celtic knot clovers.  

We have also had fun learning our times tables and having a go at some maths dice games.  

We’ve also been blessed to celebrate four birthdays in our class this week and welcomed the first day of Spring with lots of outdoor play, taking in all the smells and feels of a beautiful Spring day. 

Our Class 1/2 children are growing and learning so rapidly, and with the warmer weather are exerting heaps of energy outdoors, to cater for this we ask that a full and healthy lunch box is sent in each day to keep them going.  

Spring blessings to all ☀️ 

From Amy and Meredith   

Julie is back from today. 

Class 3/4

On Tuesday we started the day with a long maypole practice. This was my first time seeing this group formation/performance – I was in awe. There was such motivation and effort, beauty and problem-solving.  

We also started the Main Lesson “Spring on the farm”. The children heard a poem about the sun and did lovely art work to decorate their new books.  

In PE this week we learned about the game “ultimate frisbee” and practiced the skills needed to play with practice frisbees. We also had a go at a revised version of the game either by relay (Class 1 / 2) or challenge around the knoll. For the older classes, focus turned to conflict resolution at times (there is no referee in ultimate frisbee) and there was lots of problem-solving! Halfway around the knoll in level 2 of the challenge Reeder commented “This is SO complicated!”, yet they persevered! 


On our happy day starting with Maypole dance practice and Father’s Day stall, we had a few golden moments.  

One was when the whole class became one being drawn to the traditional Japanese story-telling called Kami-Shibai. The story of winter wonder presented in a wooden frame stage was well received by our children with their magical imaginations.  

Our bushwalk to Turtle Rock with Martin in the warmth of afternoon sun allowed children to reconnect their core with the rocks, trees and the little creek. It was a wonderful ending of the day to run, dig, find tadpole eggs and laugh with friends.   


Class 5/6

This week during Main Lesson we’ve been learning about the structure of Australia’s Constitution including the Senate, the House of Representatives and the role of the Governor-General.  

Our novel study of A Waltz with Matilda has been highlighting some themes of the time including racism, poverty, and the rights of women. Students have been working in small groups to creatively synthesise their learning into projects such as producing a poster for a potential movie version of this fictional story, writing character interviews, creating a book quiz and describing and drawing the various settings from the book.  

We’ve also been studying the rights of the First Nations people from the time of Federation forward. The biographies of Albert Namatjira and Vincent Lingiari have provided an excellent authentic example of these struggles with their impetus for the beginning of change. This is something we look forward to monitoring in the news as we study the 1967 Referendum, the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the current debate toward a new referendum on a Voice to Parliament. The students have begun to create some beautiful watercolour landscape paintings in the style of Namatjira’s pieces, and next week we will go on to study the art of Sir Sidney Nolan.  

Also, next week we’ll begin our Geometry Main Lesson where Class 5 will receive their compasses, and students will create some amazing art through their constructions whilst learning about angles, shapes, position and three-dimensional space. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Steph and Lee