Class News: Week 8, Term 2 2023

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

The children are very excited about the Kindergarten Winter Lantern Walk and Spiral. The winter lanterns are ready and waiting for the children, looking colourful and very inviting.

We have been practicing our Winter Songs and preparing ourselves for this special occasion. We hope that the evening will be crisp and clear so that we can enjoy the dark winter’s night.

We are looking forward to sharing this evening with everyone.

Francine, Zenith and Alannah

Class 1/2

Class 1/2 have been busy making lanterns over the last week. They painted a spiral, oiled the paper, folded it, drew lines and cut. It’s a process! The children have been really involved and busy.

We’ve also continued our Main Lesson “The World Around Us”. The children have been following the adventures of Willa the Wombat as she explores the winter landscapes of the Blue Mountains. She has encountered a platypus and wallaby and smelt the sweet wattle blooming in the winter sun. The children have been extending their knowledge on sounds or diagraphs.

Willa lives with her family in her burrow and feels safe in her home. As a class, we’ve discussed who the safe people are in our lives who can help us if we are having a problem or feel worried.

A reminder of a few dates:

  • Winter Spiral Festival next Tuesday 20th June
  • Scenic World excursion Tuesday 27th June

Please reach out to either of us if you have questions about either of these events.

Warm wishes,

Soumya and Amy

Class 3/4

In this short week we have been making our lanterns for Winter’s Night. They are a new ‘design’ which has involved a bit of experimentation. Hopefully they’ll be lovely!

This week we went to the Blue Mountains Food Co-op’s (BMFC) Market Garden as well as the co-op shop. We saw the connection between food production and food consumption.

We learnt about what ‘certified organic’ means and we saw how various foods and liquids are weighed. Because the Co-op mostly sells food from large containers, it means that if you have $5 (for example), you can buy just $5 of something, rather than needing more money to buy a big amount. It was a fun, practical and worthwhile excursion. We would like to thank the BMFC for inviting us and for being so welcoming.

Have a great weekend,

Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

It’s been all systems go this week with finishing off our lanterns, and for Class 6 developing their choreography for the Fire Sticks dance at the upcoming Winter Festival next Tuesday night! There is a real chill in the air outside now, and on our bushwalks the ‘wattles with their tiny suns’ are in full bloom in so many shades of yellow.

A reminder that Class 6 students need to be in dark, close-fitting clothing with hair tied back for their performance next week. All 5/6 students should arrive to our classroom next Tuesday for a 5.15pm Winter Story. Students will take home their beautiful lanterns the following day – firstly, we will leave them shining out of the spiral on Tuesday night whilst everyone is leaving so they can take that beautiful image home and into their cosy sleep!

Sayoko taught the class about some beautiful traditional Japanese geometric patterns and showed some amazing textile examples. There are now some beautiful creations adorning our walls and we have placed some in this News Sheet – enjoy!

Class 5 have been discovering the many wonderful and accurate creations their compasses can lend, including creating a perfect hexagon within a circle. Class 6 have been applying their skills learnt last year to bisect an angle to form accurate perpendicular lines and create perfect squares outside of a circle. The resulting artworks from colouring up their creations are something of which all the students are understandably very proud!

The Birthstone Projects are due today, please let me know if your child needs more time or any assistance.

Below are some dates for your diary:

Term 2:

Tuesday 20th June: Winter Festival 5.15pm

Steph and Lee