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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

The Winter Lanterns arrived in the Kindergarten this week. The children have chosen their lantern, and the mood is building in the room as we prepare for the Winter Lantern Walk and Spiral next Friday 28th June.

Please send in flowers and greenery next Friday to help with creating the Spiral in the classroom.

The children joined Ebba in the library on Wednesday to hear her tell a Winter puppet story. This was such a special treat for the children, and we are very grateful to Ebba for inviting us to join in.

We wish the Primary school children and their families the very best Winter Solstice celebrations this coming Friday evening.

Warmest regards,


Class 1/2

We had another week of ‘making’ and ‘doing’ in Class 1/2. The children worked hard to clear another bed in the garden to get it ready for planting. Whilst one class did this, the other class de-shelled and crushed pistachios in the mortar and pestle. They loved sucking on the shells (so did we as kids!) and discovering the pistachio looked like a tiny avocado! Mixed with honey, this made a delicious spread for our bread the following day.

Our Main Lessons on ‘Local Surroundings’ and Maths are continuing and we’ve had a few seasonal winter stories this week.

We are so pleased to welcome our new student, Talia, into Class 2. The children were all so excited to meet her and show her the ways of our school and class.

We look forward to our Winter Solstice Festival tonight! We encourage you to return home after the festival and to stay in darkness (or candlelight) and reverence if possible. As the children fall asleep tonight, they take with them the image of the spiral lit by all the lanterns.

Warmth and light to all our families,
Soumya and Jess

Class 3/4

We are enjoying our sunny cool winter days and our lanterns have been lovingly constructed. The children are looking forward to our Winter Solstice night and listening to their singing practice has been uplifting and joyful.

Our Main Lesson exploring stories from the Old Testament continues with the extraordinary story of Moses. We have heard stories from his birth in Egypt through to the shepherding of his people to the promised land. The paintings, drawings and beeswax work are always as thoughtful and unique as each child.

Class 3/4 have been working up to our Grand Canyon bush walk by enjoying regular walks to Turtle Rock with Lindsay, Meredith and myself. We were so fortunate to be joined on our excursion to Blackheath by Paul Glass who shared his special insight into the area and construction of the walking tracks. Thanks also to James (Georgia Begnell’s dad) and Sandra (Annika’s mum) who were invaluable on the day. The children were strong, inquisitive and determined on the day and we couldn’t be prouder.

Violin is such a joy each week. Mare is working with the children to build their individual violin skills and to listen to each other and play in chorus. We were so pleased when children asked to take home a piece of music to practice at home on their own instruments, piano, flute or violin. Well done Class 3/4!

Best wishes,
Kath and Meredith

Class 5/6

Hi, my name is Wren, and I am in Class 5/6. This week Class 5/6 has been learning about geography and innovations. We are planning to use recycled materials to create new playground equipment.

This Friday is the Winter Spiral. We are looking forward to seeing our new lantern design and Year 6 have been working on the Fire Sticks Dance. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Stay warm!