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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

We have been practising our morning circle work that the children will be presenting to their families on Wednesday 13th December. Please check that you have received a copy of the note outlining the requirements for the Kindergarten Summer Festival.

The Class One seat covers are almost complete. They are looking colourful, soft, and very comfy. These seat covers will remain in the Kindergarten over the Summer holidays. On the first day of next school year, all the children come to the Kindergarten verandah, pick up their seat covers and walk as a group to their new classroom, in the company of their parents, carrying a lit candle. This is a special ceremony where the children leave behind the Kindergarten world and cross over to the Primary school, carried by love and song from the caring adults in their lives. A morning tea follows for the new Class One parents, hosted by the Class Two parents.

While the children are making the most of the remaining weeks in the Kindergarten they are busy making cubbies and cosy places to rest and play. Teeth are falling out and new teeth are growing in the empty spaces. These long limbed, rapidly growing children are looking more and more like they are ready for the big change that awaits them!

There will be a lot of special last days next week, as we make our way into the last full week of this 2023 Kindergarten year.

Warmest regards,

Francine, Zenith, and Alannah

Class 1/2

Class 1/2 were amazing in their play performance this week. Each of them put tremendous amounts of effort into learning their lines, making costumes, and overcoming nerves. Thank you to our amazing parent helpers who helped with our costumes, we really appreciate the support.

Well done everyone!!

This week we started our new main lesson, “Inspirational People” where the children will hear stories of people from ancient and modern times that have inspired us to take care of each other and our world.

With the rainy weather we have had lots of structured play times this week. The children have enjoyed settling into different activities set up by us. They are showing great inclusion, kindness, and communication.

On the 7th December Mare will be here to measure the Class 2 children for their violins.

We are looking forward to bringing some more festive activities into the classroom as we welcome the summer season.

Many thanks,

Amy and Soumya

Class 3/4

Our class has taken a while to recover from our tremendous camp. On Monday, everyone was still looking a bit tired! I feel like experiences like these camps really bring the group together in a different way; they have all experienced something together, outside of the usual routine and it seems to strengthen their relationships with one another.

We have come to the end of the ‘Australian Maritime (Pre- and Post-Colonisation)’, Main Lesson (ML) and have moved on to ‘Money and Trading’ ML. This lesson kind of merges a bit with the maritime one, as it looks a bit more at some of the history of trade routes around the world and how trade, economy, and the way we live are connected. We will be looking at money and currency and we will revise some of the aspects of our food stalls that we have had across the year; counting a float, working out how to count back change, working with trading when adding and subtracting. Many children do not have the familiarity of handling actual money anymore, because of electronic transactions, so we are going to work with those things over the short time before the end of the year.

HELP? … if there are any parents and carers who would be willing to come and give our classroom a good clean and scrub before the holidays, please contact me. Also, hats will be sent home at the end of the year. If your child’s hat is on its last legs, it might be good to purchase a new one for next year. They tend to get dragged all over the place and get pretty grotty!

Have a lovely weekend,

Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

We are now in the final week of preparations for performing our class play, Helen of Troy. Students are taking the lead in stage direction, costume and props fine-tuning as well as generating many creative ideas and even writing an additional mini play with a comedy version of the story!

It is invaluable please that each student attends every day so that everyone feels confident and comfortable with each scene. All are very welcome to attend next week, please ensure your child is at school by 5.45pm (no earlier please) for a 6pm start! The play will be performed just outside the Class 5/6 room.

Class 6 families: could you please assist our amazing Class 5 event planners for the Farewell Dinner by getting your RSVP and any dietary needs to the Office ASAP? Many thanks! Class 6 have begun creating their gift to the school with Paul, and we look forward to the big reveal shortly! As you read this, Class 6 will be enjoying their fun day out at Raging Waters Sydney as they celebrate all their achievements and let their hair down! Regarding the Class 6 Farewell individual student performances, could students please bring in any digital presentations (if they are choosing to use this method), any requests for equipment and also mini-speech plans early next week so that everyone feels confident in what they are presenting, and we can check that all of the technology parts are friends for a flawless presentation at the Class 6 Farewell? Thank you for your support in this.

Class 4 joined us early in the week for a Form Drawing experience as part of a ‘taster’ to quell any nerves about joining the senior class next year. I am pleased to report that they took to it like ducks to water, and the older students were very kind and welcoming of course. Next year’s primary students will be in good hands with this leadership team!

Below are some dates for your diary:

  • Tuesday 5th December: Class 5/6 Play 6pm (students arrive 5.45pm)
  • Friday December 8th 3pm set-up by Class 5 families for the Farewell (organised by Stephanie Smith)
  • Saturday December 9th from 5pm (earlier for Class 5 students and parents/ carers please)
  • Wednesday 13th December 11.30am Class 6 Farewell and Summer Assembly.

Have a great weekend!

Steph and Lee