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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

A big thank you to Jess McCann and her volunteers, who assisted the Kindergarten children to mix, make and cook Italian biscuits during their Italian lesson this week. The biscuits were “delizioso” and the children were very proud of their efforts. It was such a wonderful and tasty experience!

A quick update on the Kindergarten Autumn Festival planned for Wednesday 5th April at 10am. The festival will go ahead regardless of the weather on the day. We have enough room to take the festival inside the classroom if required or hold it in the garden as planned. Bring your children to school at 10am and dress in Autumn colours for the event. (Please bring some home-baked goodies to share for Morning Tea).

The children are now practising for the Festival sharing. Everyone will be encouraged to join in the celebrations, making one big circle together. After the circle we will share Morning Tea together, before families head home or off to work by 11:00 or 11:30am.

The children are working hard to complete their first term craft projects by the end of term. It has been an absolute joy getting to know all the children. The children are all so beautiful, full of life and enthusiasm for being at school together. Such a wonderful group and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to more adventures together in the next term.

Wishing everyone a relaxing and restful Autumn break.

Francine, Freya, and Zenith

Class 1/2

Week 9 has snuck up on us and without us realising it is only one more week until the start of the holidays.

We have had a great term and are so proud of every child in Class 1/2. They have grown beautifully as individuals and as a group, forged new friendships, settled into the new rhythm so well and worked so hard. As I said to the parents at our parent-teacher interviews yesterday the children are now tired and deserve a break.

This week we held our annual Italian Cooking Day. The children made Biscotti di Cacao and had a great time. Thank you, Jess, for going to all this trouble to put on a memorable day for the children where they can immerse themselves in the Italian way of life!

Class 1 is busy listening to stories of the number knights. We are slowly exploring all the numbers up to 12 and have started simple additions by breaking down numbers (7=5+2, 2+5, 4+3, 3+4 etc.). The children are great at recognising sharing/even and odd numbers. A highlight was finding the five little chambers housing the apple seeds inside the apple. They are arranged in a star-like shape, and it was beautiful to witness the children’s wonder and amazement. There are so many magical moments and I feel very blessed to be able to share in them.

Class 1 has also joined Class 2 in doing their daily spelling. They are working on writing, decoding, and blending simple CVC words made up out of the sounds we have learned through the fairy tales I told in our last Main Lesson. Every spelling list has one sight word added to it – this week it is ‘the’ – so the children are ready for starting to read more complex sentences.

In Main Lesson, Class 2 are looking at patterns in nature. In our story we ventured into the magic garden where the children identify the patterns in leaves, tree trunks, flower petals and rose thorns. We have also been looking at the four seasons and the three months in each season that make our calendar year. Number patterns and geometric shapes are building their number knowledge and multiplicative thinking.

Thank you to all our helpers this term – be it for Crafternoon or to read with our children. We appreciate all your help!

I will miss the Class 1/2 children when I don’t return next term, but I am comforted that they are in the best hands!

This is the last newssheet for this term, and we wish you a relaxing and happy break,

Isabelle and Amy

Class 3/4

The class have had full, happy days. It has been an industrious term. In amongst our daily and weekly routines, we have had extra activities such as camp, swim fun day, rehearsals for our Autumn play, NAPLAN and smoothie stalls. The children go with the flow, embracing each activity along the way.

I feel exhilarated and proud of the feeling amongst the children, of openness, kindness, creativity, intelligence, ingenuity, and community.

Thank you for your support of our class.

May you have a happy, safe, and relaxing holiday.

Look forward to seeing you all next term,

Julie and Meredith.

Class 5/6

Lee and I had the good fortune to spend much of Monday listening to many amazing student presentations on their research for the Ancient Chinese Inventions project! Thank you all for your support of each student who learned so much that they were able to engage us all with their enthusiasm for their topic! There are some amazing models on display in our classroom and I will include some images in the newsletter.

We continue with our Ancient Egypt Main Lesson now by learning more about the Pharaohs and everyday life for the average Ancient Egyptian.

During our Maths Practice lessons students have been working on their own recently- identified multiplication facts left to memorise. A copy of this table has gone home, and the facts left to work on have been identified with a blue dot. Thank you for your help to support this at home – fast recall of these facts helps a great deal in general with mathematical confidence!

The students are continuing to improve their touch-typing skills, please remind them to also work on this program at home. Last Friday, the students challenged themselves to type and edit five sentences within a short time frame and all are doing so well now to create, name and save a blank document. Great progress!

A very enthusiastic Class 5 have begun designing the artwork for their Cajons as Prem talks them through the building process and how the sound is made.

Thank you so much to everyone who has come in for Parent/Teacher interviews, it has genuinely been a joy to focus on individual children and plan together how to support their best school experience. Please book in if you haven’t already!

Below are some dates for your diary:

Term 2

  • Friday 5 May Futsal Gala Day at Katoomba Aquatic Centre – students will need their own transport to and from the venue: please arrange for this or any carpooling etc. (note sent home this week).

Have a safe and restful term break!

Steph and Lee