Class News: Week 9, Term 2 2023

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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

After a truly beautiful Winter Lantern Walk and Spiral last Friday night, the children have enjoyed a more relaxed week of outside play, walks and bush play this week. I would like to thank the three parents who sang for our Spiral – Lilly, Caroline and Karuna. I would also like to thank Alannah and Zenith for their support in the set up and to everyone who came and participated and made the evening such a success.

We have wrapped up our Winter Morning Circle, dressing as King Winter and his helpers the Gnomes this week. Most of our drink bottle holders are finished and ready for the next big bush walk. So, things are moving towards the end of this second term for the children.

This week the children enjoyed the delightful and humorous story of “The Old Man’s Hat”. We modelled many of the animals that came to live in the hat during beeswax time, where Munch Crunch Mouse was a particular favourite amongst the children.

Mid-year reports are now available, so make sure you have collected your report from the school.

A reminder that I am away on long service leave to Korea, starting this Friday 23rd June until Wednesday 28th June, the last day of term. Sayoko will take the Class on Friday and Monday and Katherine Turner will be on Class Tuesday and Wednesday.

I thank the children and their families for a wonderful term. I look forward to seeing everyone again next term.

Have a great holiday!

Francine, Zenith, and Alannah

Class 1/2

What a wonderful Winter Festival we had on Tuesday night. The children held the reverence of the night and the light of the candle in their hearts. We hope all families enjoyed the night as much as we did.

The children have been hearing lots of stories, as Willa the Wombat continues to explore the local area and its flora and fauna. We have also talked about how Willa the Wombat feels safe in her burrow with her family, and discussed who the children’s safe people are, and where they feel safe.

A reminder about our excursion to Scenic World on Tuesday the 27th June, we have been talking to the children about what will happen on that day and what to bring. Please help your child pack their bag and make sure they have suitable footwear.

We would like to wish all our class 1/2 families a safe and happy Winter Break, and we look forward to seeing the children back happy and well rested in Term 3.

Amy and Soumya

Class 3/4

Thank you, Class 3/4 families, for helping your children to feel organised and supported for their school days this term. We have had another terrifically fun, busy, and constructive term.

Some of the Main Lesson books won’t be going home at the end of this term because we will still be using them at the start of next term.

Thank you for coming to our beautiful Winter festival.

May you all have a lovely and safe holiday. Keep cosy!

See you next term!

Warm wishes,

Julie and Meredith

Class 5/6

It was such a beautiful night on Tuesday at our Winter Festival, and so wonderful to see all the students’ lanterns glowing together in harmony as we turn inward to set our light for the winter period.

Before the festival started, several students read their winter story compositions to share tales of characters finding their inner flame helped by the stars or others along a journey in nature. After another impressive school orchestra performance from all the classes together, Class 6 outdid themselves in performing their self-choreographed Fire Sticks dance to handle a challenging combination of fire, an audience, darkness (and initial technical difficulties getting the lights turned off!) and this rite of passage was everything it should be for them.

The following day, this ‘Panel of Experts’ walked Class 5 through the process of creating this spectacle as they pass the baton to next year’s leaders.

Thank you for supporting your child to bring in their birth-stone projects, they all did so well, and the drawings are just beautiful!

This week in our Geometry Main Lesson, Class 5 with accuracy and patience created a hyperbola – it is amazing the shapes that can be created from a moving line with just a ruler and a pencil! By week’s end they will have learned the parts of a circle, parallel lines, and other geometric vocabulary. Class 6 will be creating a golden rectangle, the start of our study on the golden mean and the Fibonacci sequence. Next term, our Main Lessons will be Astronomy, Ancient Rome, and Australian History.

Wishing everyone a safe and restful Term 2 break ahead.

Steph and Lee