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Kindergarten/Boronia Room

The children are very excited about the Kindergarten Winter Lantern Walk and Spiral. The winter lanterns are ready and waiting for the children, looking colourful and very inviting.

We have been practicing our Winter songs and preparing ourselves for this special occasion. We hope that the evening will be crisp and clear, so that we can enjoy the dark winter’s night.

We are looking forward to sharing this evening with all our families.


Class 1/2

This week in Class 1/2 we continued our Local Surroundings Main Lesson – the children have been particularly busy preparing the garden for planting seeds such as lettuce. The class also found a favourite stick and sanded it. Some then added wool. This was inspired by a story where Netty kept plucking the petals off all her favourite flowers, but they wanted to grow and dance in the wind. So she made a colourful stick to hold high in the air and dance with the flowers. We have also been looking at information about the different animals of the Blue Mountains.

We also did some work on the ‘zones of regulation’. Renee (our Restorative Practices facilitator) led a discussion about our “internal motor” – and what can make it run too fast or too slow. We then brainstormed in groups what you can do if it’s going too fast. This discussion will be continued so that all the children have tools to help then when they’re feeling dysregulated.

It was so wonderful to see all the families at the Winter Spiral Festival last Friday. What a beautiful way to mark the solstice with our community, thank you all for your support and presence.

Wishing all our families a wonderful and hopefully restful winter break. See you back at school on the first day back, 24th July.


Class 3/4

Thank you to our beautiful community for celebrating Winter Solstice with us, we were so proud of Class 3/4 lanterns and beautiful singing on the night. Our story about the kindness shown by the trees towards an injured bird in the Winter Forest reminds us of small acts of kindness we can do in our daily lives.

We are continuing our Main Lesson exploring the Heroes of the Old Testament. From Moses parting the Red Sea to the battle of David and Goliath we have been on many adventures and the children’s work continues to show their individuality and thoughtfulness.

Class 3/4 have been exploring “area” this week. The children have been enjoying the challenge of creating their own shapes and discovering how many square centimetres fill the shape. A combination of concrete materials and grid books have made these activities a blast!

We had our final craftanoon this week, thank you to Sue for your patience and support this term. The children have produced a wide range of items from drink bottle holders to dream catchers, pencil cases to toys. It has become a lovely relaxing activity and it warms our hearts to see children knitting or crocheting on the playground or whenever a spare moment presents itself.

As Term 2 comes to a close, I wish to thank everyone for making me welcome while Julie was on her adventure. Have a safe and relaxing break!

Much love, Kath

Class 5/6

Hello, my name is Hannah, I am in Year Five. This week we are learning about astronomy, which is part of our Science Main Lesson. We made an interesting acronym so we could remember the names of the planets in order from the sun.

On Monday we had basketball. Usually we have volleyball, but last week was our final session. In maths we learnt how to find 75%, 25%, 10% and 5% in any number.