Science Week Incursion is coming up!

As part of Science Week, on Wednesday 17 AugustRichmond Agriculture Centre of Excellence will bring their “No Bees, No Future” program to our school to work with the children. This will be a whole day event for all classes within the school. 

The cost for this incursion will be subsidised by the school, so children can attend for $10.00 per child. (A more detailed note will follow soon.)

Grevillea flower in the foreground with cityscape in the background across the harbour.

Kindergarten/Boronia Room

Our return to school has been such a joy.  All the children look fresh and ready for action and fun. I have really enjoyed being back with the children.

We have a lovely new girl, Maya Viane, who has joined the group. She has slipped into the Kindergarten with such ease and grace. We welcome her family and mother Jasmine to our school community.

The children have shared news about their holiday adventures, made some fabulous drawings, celebrated Nathan and Noah’s birthday and played some fun ring games together. It feels so good to be together again.

This Saturday 23rd July (tomorrow), is the Early Childhood Mini Open Day and Fair 10am to 1pm.  Everyone is welcome to join in and bring a friend to see our lovely school.

Look out for our Science Week incursion in Week 5, Wednesday 17th August, when the Richmond Agriculture Centre of Excellence will come to work with the children here at our school. They are bringing their “No Bees, No Future” program. This will be a whole day event for only $10.00 per child.

Welcome back for Term 3.

Warmest regards,

Francine and Maya

Class 1/2

Welcome everyone to term 3,

I hope you had a nice, fun, restful, relaxing and joyous holiday….Your children have returned relaxed, and with a feeling of calm and contentment. 

The class began to really settle into the daily and weekly rhythms in the second half of last term. So, returning this term, has felt much more seamless.

We begin our term with an Australian First Nations’ Main Lesson, called, Now and Then, Then and Now‘. We are focussing on our local country, which in many ways is an extension of our Home Surroundings main lesson from last term, but with an extra observance on Dharug and Gundunggurra stories, references to local areas, topography and flora and fauna. We will also begin to unfold the differences between an ‘introduced’ species, opposed to an endemic one.

Key dates to remember

  • Linden half-day excursion: On Tuesday of Week 2 (26th July) we will travel to Linden for a half day excursion to Linden to walk around some Burragin (echidna) country. PLEASE NOTE: If you haven’t returned the note please do so by Monday. 
  • Class 2 Sleep-Over is Thursday 4th August
  • Circus: Every Friday of Term 3. Stuart will be working with all classes on a creating a performance to be performed at the Spring fair on SATURDAY 10th September. Please remember this date. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Julie and Meredith

PS Can you please send raincoats in!

Class 3/4

Welcome back! Term 3 has started and it was so great to see the children again.

During the holidays Holly and I had bought some things to make our classroom nicer and more gemütlich (pleasant and 😃 ) and it was fun to watch the children explore the classroom and find all the new things.

Sayoko was back yesterday and will be teaching Japanese while Jess is away. The children were so excited to see her again!

We started with our main lesson ‘Measurement of Volume and Mass’ and the class has been busy hefting, balancing and weighing objects. I told the story ‘One grain of rice’ where Rani, a clever girl outsmarts a very selfish raja and saves her village. When offered a reward for a good deed, she asks only for one grain of rice, doubled each day for 30 days. The raja thinks her not to be very clever and is happy to comply, not realising it will amount to enough rice to feed her entire village! The children were fascinated that one grain of rice on the first day could become more than a million grains of rice on the 21st day. We thought of different ways how the raja could measure the rice each day so that he could keep his promise to Rani.

On a personal note: Thank you to all the parents who have sent words of encouragement and understanding after I sent the email on Tuesday. This means a lot to me!

Have a great weekend,

Isabelle and Holly

Class 5/6

A hearty welcome back to all of our class community for this term that sees us transition from deep winter into early Spring – we are looking forward to a great term ahead! The students have already dived straight into our Ancient Rome Main Lesson, and have heard about the early Romans drawing on the art and culture of the Etruscans to the north to enrich their culture and ultimately provide rulership – until the evil Tarquinius Superbus dispatched his father-in-law to take the throne. His tyranny provoked the rebellion that led to the age of the emperors – which is a journey for next week! We have also been working with Roman numerals as part of our Maths Practice Lessons, and a debating unit will later spring from our study of the Roman forums. The remaining Main Lessons of the term will be Geometry, Astronomy and the Spring portion of our Botany work. Throughout the term we will be building a wonderful collection of stories for our Random Acts of Kindness unit, and have begun with a story where a small kind act was progressively paid forward throughout an entire village.

It is nice to see our additional programs in full swing with Circus Skills starting back today, and the students were thrilled to see Sayoko back for Japanese lessons on Wednesday. Later in the term we will have an incursion about supporting the bees for Science Week in Week 5, and in Week 6 an author workshop for Book Week (students may like to begin thinking about their costume ideas – great fun!). Our Class Camp to Canberra will occur later in the term, and we will get costings to you shortly as this is our major camp for the year. The final week of term holds for us not only the Spring Festival but also the Cross Country Run.

Please email me with any questions, feedback or other information to support your child on

Have a lovely weekend,

Steph and Lee