“The thing that I absolutely cherished the most about Blue Mountains Steiner School was the small classes and the incredibly strong link between students, teachers and peers.”


Teaching more than just information…

Blue Mountains Steiner School from CloudHerd Film Co. on Vimeo.

Child Centred Learning

  • Receiving our students in warmth
  • Celebrating childhood
  • Taking time for each child’s inner capacities to unfold
  • Allowing children to be children
  • Working closely with the child, teachers and families to truly understand each child to help them to reach their full potential
  • Having a developmental curriculum

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“It is over 10 years since I left Blue Mountains Steiner School and my most dependable and solid friends remain the ones that I gained back then. They will always be friends for life!”

Jye D.

Relational Learning

  • Growing lasting relationships
  • Strong teacher relationship to develop confidence in all learning areas
  • Strong parent/ teacher / student partnership
  • We work with the social/ emotional needs of each student
  • Inter- connectedness with the natural environment
  • Peer mentoring program
  • Peer support program
  • Restorative practice program

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Learning for Life

  • Growing a life-long love of learning
  • Supporting and nurturing social/ emotional growth
  • Inter/ intra personal skills
  • Communication through different mediums in a wide range of settings
  • Developing a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility
  • Confidence to tackle new things
  • Resilience to try again and learn from mistakes
  • An inner moral compass
  • Belief in self

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