“Blue Mountains Steiner School has helped me to be more creatively minded and flexible at adapting to new situations. These skills have thus provided me with extra confidence in this competitive world.” – former student

Studying Geometry, not like other schools though!

Geometry from CloudHerd Film Co. on Vimeo.

Imaginative Education

  • Provides life and insight into logical thinking
  • Gateway to cognitive development
  • Develops original thought
  • Promotes innovation
  • Develops a sense of wonder
  • The way to conceptualise the pathway to achieving ones dreams

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“Without the amazing education I received at Blue Mountains Steiner School, on an academic level as well as growing friendships and relationships, I would not appreciate so many things about the world. I would not be as creative and I don’t believe that I would have the same appreciation for the environment. These are two areas that I believe are becoming lost in today’s world.” 

– Peter J.

Creative Teaching

  • Arts based curriculum enhances left/right brain learning
  • Cognitive development and skill building are approached through creative presentation enlivening each of the curriculum areas
  • Promotes students to think for themselves and translate new ideas into practice
  • Engaging
  • Thematic curriculum
  • Arts based curriculum develops the capacity to appreciate beauty in the world.

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My time at Blue Mountains Steiner School were some of the best years I have had in my life. I can’t explain the profound love I have for the whole Steiner ethos.

– Courteney H.

Responsive Learning

  • Enhancing academic abilities through healthy stimulation
  • Meaningful main lesson content to meet needs of changing times
  • Responding to academic growth of each child
  • Responding to school, local and global communities
  • High teacher to student ratio
  • All teaching and parent staff included within the school’s strong learning community for life

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